Christian Career Coach: Faith-Based Guidance

Do you feel stuck, unmotivated, or disengaged in an unfulfilling job?

Are you successful but believe you're created for something more?

Do you long to discover your purpose and calling?

Would you like to know how a Christian career coach can help you find your calling?

Christian Career coaching has become increasingly popular, and many Christians prefer working with a Christian career coach who understands their faith and can help them discern their purpose and calling in work and life. At, we are National Certified Career Counselors and coaches who can help you discover and live your calling at work and in life through a proven transformational process anchored in a biblical worldview.

Working With a Christian Career Coach

Christian career coaching and counseling is an approach that integrates Christian beliefs, values, and biblical truths into the coaching process. A Christian career coach serves as a guide, mentor, and counselor, providing individuals with practical tools and strategies and having the ability to help clients integrate their faith into their career journeys. Each client determines how and to what extent they want to explore the impact of their faith on their career issues and goals. As we coach Christian men and women, our book, Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life, is a resource for clients, laying out a biblical perspective on purpose, calling, and God's will for our careers and lives.

As Christian career coaches at, we help clients discover their God-given talents, align their careers with their Christian beliefs, and find purpose and meaning in their work.  

Christian Career Coach:  Faith-Based Principles 

A Christian career coach deeply understands career development, career theory, vocational guidance, and coaching techniques. We are National Certified Career Counselors and coaches with over 30 years of experience providing faith-based career coaching and counseling. We have worked with thousands of Christian clients and organizations, including World Vision, Insight for Living, the Billy Graham Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Wycliffe Bible Translators, World Impact, and the Christian Management Association (CMA). 

A key aspect of Christian career coaching is helping individuals discern their vocation or calling. As Christian career coaches working from a biblical worldview, we help clients utilize professional career assessments to understand the God-given design of their interests, motivations, skills, values, personality traits, spiritual gifts, and more.

We also utilize the Career Fit Test™  which we developed to help clients quickly identify their transferable, personal, and content skills, as well as an interest code that enables clients to determine which jobs best fit their skills, interests, and personality traits.  The Career Fit Test™ also guides clients through the key career development steps of exploration, reality testing, decision-making, planning, and conducting a successful job search.

Each individual is a one-of-a-kind creation, and an in-depth understanding of their design is foundational in discerning what God has created them to do in this world. Through this process, clients gain clarity about their purpose and how they can use their skills and abilities to serve God and others in their chosen career path. 

Benefits of Working with a Christian Career Coach

Engaging the services of certified Christian career coaches at offers many benefits. For example, our Christian career coaching clients:  

-Gain a fresh perspective on their God-given design and identify ways to use their strengths to meet the needs God has placed in their hearts, resulting in a deep sense of satisfaction and the rewards that come from living their calling.

-Experience the fulfillment and meaning of being in work that fits, making life a satisfying adventure.

 -Integrate their faith into their daily work, which enhances their engagement in work, allowing them to be better stewards or managers of their gifts in service to others, whether in secular organizations or ministries.

 -Experience the sense of direction that comes from writing key mission statements related to their faith, their careers, and other important life roles such as spouse, parent, neighbor, church member, etc. These mission statements lead to writing SMART goals, resulting in action plans focusing on what God calls them to do.

 -Engage confidently in today's technology-driven job search process, including using AI technology such as ChatGPT. They learn to brand and market themselves effectively in their targeted resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and more. Clients also learn to communicate their strengths in interviews and other key conversations verbally. The Christian career coaches of help clients frame their job search marketing efforts so that employers can see how the individual's strengths will meet the employer's needs.

-Overcome challenges, or "calling blockers," that can get in the way of discovering and living their calling. Calling blockers can include fears of the unknown or failure that keep people stuck, busyness that makes it difficult to focus on what is essential, beliefs about money that can derail people from finding the work they are designed to do, negative thinking that hinders positive progress, and childhood wounds which affect how individuals see their potential.

Calling blockers obstruct discovering and living one's calling in work and life. The Christian career coaches at are skilled in helping clients identify and move beyond their calling blockers to find fulfilling work.

-Feel free to have a safe space to explore the connections between their faith and work. Clients can openly discuss struggles and concerns, knowing they have a Christian coach who understands the questions, issues, and impacts of living one's faith in one's career and life.

Christian Career Coaching and Career Testing Services

If you are interested in career coaching and career testing, services are offered in various formats to fit your needs, goals, and budget. (Career coaching is done by phone and on Google Meet, so you can receive professional career coaching wherever you live!) 

After you have reviewed our career coaching services, we invite you to schedule a free career services consultation to discuss your situation and how we can help you resolve the career challenges in your life.

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