Live Your Calling Career Program

If you are ready to find meaningful work that uses your God-given gifts, the Live Your Calling Career Program is for you! This one-on-one career coaching program offers you:

  • A proven, systematic approach to identify your unique, God-given design, explore the right career options, and make the best career decisions.
  • Personal career counseling/coaching from a National Certified Career Counselor who is a committed Christian and a skilled career coach. Your coach can help you link your gifts with work that you were designed to do.
  • Proven professional career tests and assessments to help you identify your God-given design and career options that use your gifts and strengths.
  • Career planning from a biblical perspective, enabling you to integrate your faith with your career/life planning and address issues such as God's will for your life.
  • A "game plan" for finding work that uses your God-given gifts and abilities, bringing you fulfillment and a sense of meaning and purpose in your life!


What former clients say:
  • "My experience with the Christian Career Center was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself. It has truly led me down a path that I feel God designed for me. I love my new work and the company I am with. I cannot think of any other work that I would rather be doing. It is a refreshing feeling!"
  • "For the first time in my life I was able to carefully and conscientiously match my God-given talents and skills with the type of work that I can truly be passionate about. It has changed my life to where I can eagerly awake each day to begin my new life's work."
  • "I highly recommend it to everyone. I should have done this sooner than I did. I'm excited... God has given you the talents to bring this out in people through your testing, encouragement and suggestions. I felt that you sincerely cared that I found what I was looking for so that I could serve God and not just find another vocation."
  • "It's really thorough. It's really unique. I don't think it's available anywhere else. It uses a lot of different tools to help a person really narrow down what is important to them in their life and what they would like to do within their life. The tools and stuff that are used are great. It's flexible to a person's needs and time, schedule, not rigid yet it is very structured and organized. I didn't ever feel lost. It works with people from all walks of life. It a really dynamic program. Well put together."
    • "I now see that I'm not as limited in my choices as I'd previously assumed. It gave me new perspectives on going out and shooting for the purposes that God has planned for me. It's a freeing experience. I now have the confidence that I've done my homework [on career options]. Focusing on achieving the very best choices has me proactively moving toward the future, rather than feeling trapped.

  • [The Brennflecks' approach to career counseling/coaching] "is structured to enable a person look inside themselves and see many aspects of their skills and interests, that otherwise, they may not fully be aware....[It] enables an individual to crystallize what is important in their life as it relates to their career. Most importantly, above all else, it develops career answers through a Christian perspective."

What will you do in the Live Your Calling Career Program?

1. Discover your God-given design through professional testing and assessments, and create your personalized Life Calling MapTM.

  • Using professional standardized career tests and specialized assessment exercises selected for your unique situation, you will identify the key aspects, natural patterns, and strengths of your unique design. You will also complete assessments that will help you target your ideal working environment. The standardized tests are completed online for your convenience and for quick turn-around time. Your results include full-color reports and useful information about how to utilize your results in your career and life. Assessment includes identifying your:Interests
    Personality type
    Transferable/Motivated Skills
    Personal Skills
    Content Skills 
    "Killer" Skills
    Motivational Pattern
    Spiritual Gifts
    Decision-making style
    Change-management style
    Preferred Roles
    Mission Statement 
    Types of People to Serve
    Desired Qualities in a Boss or Partner
    Ideal Working Conditions
    Preferrred Geographical Location
    Needed/Desired Salary
  • The Strong Inverest Inventory Interpretive Report
  • Myers-Briggs Step II Interpretive Report
  • The two standardized assessments used in this program are The Strong Interest Inventory (either high school or college edition) and the Myers-Briggs Step II Interpretive Report (Form Q).   These assessments must be debriefed by your National Certified Career Counselor.  You can view sample reports by going to the following links:
  • Recognize the "killer skills" you need to avoid using in your next job because they drain your energy and rob you of job satisfaction.
  • Determine what you need in a working environment to do your best work and to feel like you "fit."
  • Develop your personalized, expanded version of the Life Calling MapTM that represents key elements of your God-given design and your personal mission statements. Your Life Calling MapTM will guide your career and life choices now and in the years to come.

2. Expand your vision of career options that fit your unique design.

  • Use your Life Calling MapTM, professional testing results, and specialized resources to quickly identify the careers or small businesses that best match your interests.
  • Utilize creative techniques for identifying unique, realistic job or business options that are tailored to your skills, interests and aptitudes.
  • Discover time-tested strategies for widening "tunnel vision" to identify potential new job or business options.
  • Overcome "calling blockers" that may be hindering you from recognizing the calling God has for your life.
  • Learn how to get the right information about potential career choices to eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong career path.

3. Confidently decide on your career direction and develop a successful plan for your career transition.

  • Use the information from your Life Calling MapTM to evaluate career choices effectively, and learn decision making strategies to help you make the best decision in each situation.
  • Receive professional guidance and feedback to guide your decision making.
  • Avoid traps that lead to poor decisions.
  • Learn how to work in partnership with God to make good decisions that are within His will for your life.
  • Develop a "do-able" action plan and achieve the goals you really want in your life.
  • Gain the confidence, enthusiasm, and sense of purpose that come from knowing who you were created to be and what God has designed you to do.

4. If your journey includes a job transition, you can utilize the Job Search Mastery workbook materials to conduct a strategic job search campaign and obtain your targeted position.

  • Learn how to tap into the hidden job market where 80% of jobs are found.
  • Write a powerful resume and cover letter that get results.
  • Learn how to use your Life Calling MapTM to find job opportunities, prepare for interviews, and persuasively demonstrate to an employer why you are the person to hire.
  • Discover how to focus your energy and action in your job search or business start-up.
  • Use job search techniques that can cut your job search time by 50-75%, and increase your salary by 20% or more.
How former clients described their experience with career services: 

Before:"I was working in a job I was miserable at...It was really meaningless. I would go to work and ask myself, Why am I doing this? I feel like I'm on a treadmill. There are just no rewards from this!"
After:"Now I have a much clearer picture of my mission in life... the things I'm good at that I can put to use for the Lord...I got a vision for the fact that I could be doing something for my career that I really enjoy, rather than just going in and punching a time card." 

Before: "The Lord put me here with a personal mission...but I had no idea what it was because I had no satisfaction in what I was doing." 
After: "Right now I'm doing exactly what I identified through the program that I'd be happy doing." 

Before: "I knew I didn't like what I was doing, but I had no idea what direction to go...And I didn't know how to figure it out!" 
After: "I don't meet a lot of people who have my design. And...the program helped me realize that's exactly the way God designed it. He made us all unique. I'm feeling at peace with who I am and what I like to do...What an opportunity I would have missed if I hadn't completed the program."

Here's what you will receive by participating in the Live Your Calling Career Program:

  • The most effective professional career tests and life calling assessments for your unique situation. Your professional career testing and assessment inventory results will be used to complete your own Life Calling MapTM. The expanded, comprehensive version of the Life Calling MapTM creates a highly personalized, in-depth, and multi-dimensional portrait of your unique, God-given design.
  • Personal, focused attention from your career coach, Kevin Brennfleck or Kay Marie Brennfleck, who are National Certified Career Counselors, to help you achieve the results you want. Your ten career coaching sessions (up to 50 minutes in length) by phone, over a three to five month period of time, will assist you in identifying work that fits your design and taking action to accomplish the transitions you want to make. This program was developed to help you achieve your goals as easily and quickly as possible.
  • The Career & Life Calling Coaching Resource NotebookTM (with more than 100 pages of resources) developed by the Brennflecks. Your notebook contains additional assessment inventories and exercises for developing your Life Calling MapTM (including several assessments to identify the key components of your Ideal Working Environment), exploring career and business options, and making wise decisions within God's will for your life. The Resource Notebook is a "toolbox" you and your career coach will utilize to address your particular needs and goals during the course of the program.
  • The Job Search Mastery Workbook which contains strategic, time-saving resources for all facets of your job search; information and examples for writing resumes and cover letters that get results; frequently-asked interview questions and sample responses; keys to researching salary targets and negotiating effectively, and much more. The Job Search Mastery Workbook is an added bonus in the Resource Notebook.
  • An inscribed copy of Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life by Kevin & Kay Marie Brennfleck to use as a resource during your career coaching.
  • Individual attention between coaching sessions via unlimited e-mail contact. We will be there to help you every step along the way.

I'm interested! What's my next step?

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