Christian Teaching Jobs

Christian teaching jobs with Christian schools, kindergarten to high school (K-12), for those interested in teaching, guidance counseling, principal, coaching and other school related jobs.  Find Christian teaching jobs today.

Find Christian schools with current openings at

Here are some important steps to take in finding Christian teaching jobs:

1)      Develop a good job search strategy for finding teaching jobs.   You can begin by finding openings at the and at the  You can also search online for other teaching job openings.  Remember, however, that a high percentage (even 50-80%) of jobs are not advertised and referred to as being in the "hidden" job market.  You can find these teaching jobs by contacting schools directly and by using your network of personal contacts.  Please contact us if you would like coaching in how to do this effectively.

2)      Make sure that you have a resume and cover letter that showcases your education and other qualifications for teaching.  Your cover letter should emphasis your desire to teach in a Christian school and why teaching is important to you.  If you need help with writing a resume and/or cover letter you can contact us.  Be sure to also post your resume at the resume bank.  Be sure to also sign up for job alerts that will let you know when new teaching jobs are posted.

3)      Practice your interviewing skills so that you can prove that you are the right person for the position.  Take time to think about and articulate what makes you a teacher worth hiring.

4)      Be persistent! As Saint Augustine said, "Pray as though everything depends on God and work as though everything depends on you."  Praying for God's strength and wisdom, and being consistently using good job search strategies will enable you to find a teaching job as quickly as possible.

5)      If you are searching for teaching positions, but not sure that teaching is a good fit for your God-given design, consider taking some time to target the right types of positions for your skills and interests.  Career testing and assessment with a skilled career counselor can help you determine whether teaching or another career direction would be best for you.