Resume Quiz

Whether you are currently looking for a job, or want to make sure you are prepared in case you unexpectedly lose your job, you need a resume that showcases your strengths.  Does your resume represent you well?  Will it get you interviews or be dismissed?  Take the quiz below to analyze your resume's effectiveness.

My resume is...

[ ] focused on one particular job objective with relevant keywords that are industry specific

[ ] clearly states my qualifications in descending order of importance

[ ] written in the best appropriate format and for the specific job(s) that I am targeting

[ ] emphasizes, proves and quantifies my accomplishments that most target my objective

[ ] places my educational information strategically

[ ] includes only information that is relevant for my job target

[ ] is visually appealing using white space for eye appeal and easy reading

[ ] developed in a formatted, scannable and electronic version to enable snail mail, e-mail and website distribution

[ ] includes a summary of qualifications to gain the employer's attention

[ ] uses excellent grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation

[ ] uses action verbs and quantified marketing phrases

[ ] emphasizes how I can meet an employer's needs for the targeted job

[ ] is targeting work that uses my best strengths, skills and knowledges

[ ] grabs the attention of the employer within the first few seconds of being read and maintains the reader's attention throughout


13-14 boxes checked:  Your resume should do an excellent job of representing you to employers.   To make sure that you are not missing anything important or to confirm that you are targeting work that is the best fit for you, you may want to take advantage of having your resume critiqued by a professional career counselor.

10-12 boxes checked:  Your resume is representing you better than the average resume.  Don't miss out on interviews, however, by missing some critical parts to your resume.  If you are unsure how to maximize the effectiveness of your resume, you could benefit from having your resume professionally critiqued or developed to make sure you are getting the results you want in your job search.

0-10 boxes checked:  It is pretty much guaranteed that you will miss out on interview and job opportunities unless you have a more effective resume.  If you aren't confident you can develop an effective resume, you could benefit from having your resume professionally critiqued or developed to maximize your job search results.

Need Help?

If you would you like assistance in developing a resume that gets more interviews, check out the Christian Career Center's resume critique and resume writing services.