Vineyard Florence

UP: We LOVE GOD by giving Him the worth, adoration, and attention He alone deserves. We see our relationship with the Maker and Master of all things as one defined by passionate worship. At the Vineyard, we are people of the presence who eagerly expect to hear from God. He loves us deeply and longs to connect with His children. We seek Him continually in prayer, experiencing God through the reality of His presence in personal and public ways regularly. We also experience and pursue God through the Spiritual Disciplines of: daily times of prayer, Bible reading, regular fasting, generous giving, personal worship, intercession, meditation, journaling, weekly sabbath, spiritual soul rest, etc.  

(Sunday Services, Monday evening Intercessory Prayer 6:30pm-8:30pm, All Church Morning Zoom Prayer 6:30am -7:00am Monday - Friday, Bi-monthly Prayer and Worship Nights (2nd Wednesday))

IN: We MAKE DISICPLES by doing life together we’re Exercising “followship” in obeying Christ and through our fellowship with others in the family of God. We live as God’s kids by sharing in “fellowship” by being connected Body of Christ locally, in our homes, and globally. We know that there is strength in numbers, and if we stay together in Christ, we are stronger unified together than we are by ourselves. Love is our ethos and we express this in radical, accepting, purposeful, diverse, and committed disciple-making relationships. 

(Discipleship Groups, House Groups, Sun Shine Group for seniors, Men’s & Women’s Events [Together Conference], Celebrate Recovery) 

OUT: We IMPACT the WORLD by seeking to join Jesus on His Mission to reach others with the love, hope, and peace of Jesus' advancing and coming Kingdom. At the Vineyard we have an insatiable missional zeal. We work this out by living to share Jesus generously and always with others we interact with at church, home, marketplace, community, etc. We are learning to begin thinking and acting like missionaries wherever God has planted us; we aim to have everything we think, say, and do to be used in love to draw others closer to Christ. We pray for the sick, care for the poor, are friends to the lonely, hurting, depressed, and marginalized. We are compelled by love share the good news with everyone we encounter.