Crest Community Church

Crest is a Christian Church in the neighborhood behind UCR, close to the 215 and 60 intersection.  

We are a community of prodigals, misfits, artists and dreamers.  We are a house of mercy. 

Sunday worship services are intended to help people from any background discover the stunning and revolutionary way of following Jesus in a welcoming environment.

We strongly invite people to belong before they believe.  Consequently, Crest community is a collection of passionate followers of Christ, people looking into the claims of Christ, and even skeptical people who have found community at Crest.
At the center of our life together is an individual apprenticeship to Jesus.  Around that, we engage that apprenticeship through community, spiritual formation, and mission. Click on the tabs below to learn how best to engage.
In short, we’re Christ-centered and outward-focused. We’re passionate about our beliefs and respectful and courteous to everyone who joins our community.