Hippo Lending

We Are Hippo Lending.

We’re a different kind of Company, originating loans tailored specifically to healthcare providers. We take the mystery out of borrowing and make the application process quick and simple to understand. Your time is valuable, so we promise not to waste it with unnecessary paperwork.

To invest our time, talent and treasure for the common good of the healthcare community.

Our vision is to simplify access to loans for medical professionals. We seek to listen with kindness and communicate with transparency to understand your ambition.

Passion, Unity, Servanthood, Humility, Integrity, Thankfulness –
PUSH-IT – Core Values since 1994

Our Story

We’ve worked in the world of finance and lending for 25 years. In that time, we’ve provided customized working capital solutions and advisory services to a wide variety of people and businesses. Our funding has supported dozens of industries, and in that exploration, we found a greatly underserved market: healthcare professionals.

Those in the medical field occupy a unique financial space: despite the opportunity for success, roadblocks like unreliable cash flow and huge upfront costs limit opportunity. We believe in financing freedom. The freedom to manage debt, grow your business, and focus on what drives you.

We free up your money for when you need it most. But beyond just providing loans, our goal is to become a trusted financial partner. We do this by offering you simple, flexible financing, on your terms.