Azimuth Counseling

Azimuth is a nonprofit organization, originally created by Essex Alliance Church. Azimuth provides high-quality, professional mental health services for individuals, families, and groups. Clinicians acknowledge spirituality along with physical, mental, and social dimensions of life. Clinicians model grace, caring, kindness, and flexibility (which are based upon Biblical principles), while respecting the free will of all people to make individual decisions concerning matters of faith.

What makes Azimuth’s approach to meeting clients’ needs different is that each therapist understands the importance of engaging a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Therapists do not judge or impose Christianity but walk along side of those seeking ways to live congruent with healthy values and principles that are true. Living congruent with truth brings wholeness and mental health. Azimuth clinicians recognize the importance of a healthy therapeutic relationship that involve genuine trusting support to individuals while also maintaining strong therapeutic boundaries to protect both the client and the therapist. Additionally, therapists work with Primary Care Physicians to support individuals needing medication to reduce the symptoms of some mental illnesses.