World Evangelical Alliance

WEA and Its Mission
The World Evangelical Alliance is a global network of some 130 National Alliances, seven Regional Alliances, and a dozen Task Forces and Commissions. National Alliances, raised up and led by indigenous leaders in their respective countries, serve the body of Christ by uniting Evangelicals in common purpose, and addressing needs related to their national issues.

  • When a government inflames religious nationalism, the Alliance becomes a representing voice before governments and courts.
  • In the face of an oppressive religious majority, it initiates an international response.
  • In times of competitive action among churches, it nurtures unity in prayer and common witness.
  • In times of crisis, it serves as facilitator of volunteers and funds.
  • In concern for the spiritual well-being of its civic society, an Alliance will lead in concerted prayer and public engagement towards national renewal.

Because a National Alliance’s vision is shaped and driven by the gifting, passion and ability of its leaders, WEA’s focus is to help facilitate them to lead their country in Christ-honoring and transforming ways.