Community Services of America
  • Since 1938 we have been attracting talented sales professionals to an opportunity that is much more than just another job.
  • We take pride in helping create meaningful careers for people who want to leave a positive and lasting mark on the world around them.
  • Our sales professionals work with the mission to spread long standing and wholesome family values and to implement programs already proven to be of interest to the local business community, programs that will have a positive effect on the lives of local citizens.

Our programs revolve around gift volumes designed to accompany and honor a significant event or time in a family’s life. Each week our sales professionals go into a community and find local businesses who want to improve their operations by letting people know who they are and what they stand for. Each community we enter has a core group of business owners and professionals who are instrumental in bolstering the traditional values that keep the community strong.

Ours is a full-time position that comes with benefits to help you and your family in your everyday life. We seek strong sales people who are interested in making a good living while also doing something worthwhile.