GAP Ministries

GAP Ministries, a social service nonprofit serving Southern Arizona since 1999, stands in the GAP for those in need in three core areas: Family, Community and Ministry.

Our mission is simple: Standing in the GAP for those in need. Bringing help to children, healing to families and hope to the community.

Our 5 Core Values are:

FAITH: We are faith driven, choosing to seek God first and pursue wisdom from heaven that will produce creative solutions for the personal and social issues we all face.

EMPOWERING: We are empowering, realizing that people are more important than projects. We will make a significant effort to create a sustainable community, where we develop people not 
just programs.

COMPASSIONATE: We are compassionate, learning to love our neighbor and serve rather than being served, realizing there are needs that are always greater than our own, so being faithful to give even when it does not seem there is enough to give.

COLLABORATIVE: We are collaborative, setting aside our own agenda to work with each other and other like-minded organizations with common purpose.

ADVENTUROUS: We are adventurous, wild, fun and slightly crazy, pushing the boundaries and expecting God to move in extraordinary ways.