Ecclesia Hollywood

Who is Ecclesia?

  • We are a faith community making disciples who participate in God’s mission to redeem and renew all Creation through Jesus Christ.

  • We are increasingly convinced that the time has passed for personality and platform-led, Sunday-centric churches and that God is reforming His church as a collaborative community embedded in every sphere of culture to manifest His Kingdom.

  • We are a community of creatives and dreamers following Jesus in or among the Hollywood entertainment industry. While many of us “grew up in church,” we collectively feel a sense of Holy dissatisfaction with the forms that Church takes in America.

Who are we becoming?

  • We are becoming a community that better reflects the character of Jesus, walks in step with the Holy Spirit and joins God’s mission in the world.

  • We are becoming a permission-granting, power-giving, open-source, creative community that is imagining new expressions of church in a Post-Christian culture.

  • We are becoming a movement of disciples making disciples in our everyday spaces of life—the places where we live, work, play and create.

  • We are becoming a more ethnically and generationally diverse community that celebrates our cultural differences so as to better reflect the Kingdom of God.