Grace Christian Academy

Grace Christian Academy is a small international school in Taipei, Taiwan.  Our student body of about 175 grew to nearly 200 during the pandemic, as families came from countries suffering from covid 19 to Taiwan, where cases were rare.  However, the recent introduction of cases in Taiwan and the availability of vaccinations for students in other countries, have encouraged many of these families to return to their home countries.  

GCA is a Christ centered environment even though the majority of students are not from Christian families.  The teachers share the Word of God from their hearts and their lives are daily examples of the love of God.  The positive environment is maintained through the small class size and the care and attention of the teachers.  Two thirds of the teachers are from the US; from States along the East and West coasts, North, South, and places in between.  The remaining third of our 28 teachers and three administrators are from at least six different countries.  Our church backgrounds are equally as diverse as are the churches we attend in the Taipei area.

Grace Christian Academy was founded in 1999 as a ministry of the Nangang Grace Baptist Bible Fellowship Church.  The church is a source of prayer and encouragement, although the two entities are governed separately.  

In accordance with local laws, all students are passport holders from outside of Taiwan.  The typical family has roots in Asia and may be staying in Taiwan for the length of one contract period for their parents.  Currently, only one student speaks only one language fluently.  These are international students who have lived and attended schools in more than 25 countries.  In 2021, one teacher had a small class in which each student was from a different country and only two spoke Mandarin.  Growing in an understanding of cultures from around the world is inevitable.  All families recognize the value of English language fluency.  Most students and their parents, have  attended English speaking schools around the world.