Your Career Checkup Results

See below to see what your score means.
25-60: Your job brings you very little job satisfaction and may even be causing you a sense of emotional, psychological and/or physical pain. You may find that it affects your self-esteem, your relationships and your spiritual life. Your health and general sense of well-being could well depend on your making some changes in your work situation!

61-70: Your feelings about your job may fluctuate between dissatisfaction and toleration, but you do not feel deeply excited or enthusiastic about your job. For the most part, your work does not bring you a sense of enjoyment or fulfillment.

71-89: Right now work may be satisfying, overall. There may be, however, one or more key components that you rated low that are motivating you to consider other job or career options.

90-100: If work "feels good," you are most likely in a job that is a good match. If, however, your job doesn't feel quite right for you, there may be some key satisfaction factors that are not being met and would be worthwhile to explore. Perhaps God has something better in store for you!




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