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Two Vital Factors for a Good Job Fit

Two Vital Factors for a Good Job Fit

How well your work fits you depends on two key factors. The first important factor is the skills and abilities that you use to do your job.  Does your work involve using skills that energize you, or do the skills your job requires drain you of energy and cause you to feel disengaged from your work?

The second factor is your working environment.  Your working environment can include the geographical location for your job, the physical environment in which you work, the values and mission of the organization, your relationships with your coworkers, and perhaps most importantly, your relationship with your boss.  (Related to one's boss, a recent article from Gallup reports that "in Germany, people without jobs actually feel better than employees who have bad managers.")  How well does your working environment fit you?

If either the skills that you use in your work or the working environment is not a good fit for you, you are likely to feel that work is draining and dissatisfying.  You may find (as the German workers did) that being disengaged from one's work feels worse than being unemployed.

Identifying what parts of your work do fit you, and which factors are dissatisfying is the first step to making some positive changes. Once you have a clear understanding of what is, and what is not working, you may be able to make some changes so that work feels more satisfying. Perhaps you can discuss with your supervisor some adjustments to your work duties and/or working environment that would make your job more engaging.  Or you may decide that it is time to take a "time out" in life and do some more in-depth career testing/planning to determine the type of work that would fit you best and the kind of organization in which you would thrive.  

You have a unique God-given design that will excel when your motivated skills and the working environment fit you well. Don't wait; take action today to find out what type of work will allow you to become the person God created you to be and to do the things He has designed you to do!


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