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Three Questions That Will Determine Your Success or Failure

Three Questions That Will Determine Your Success or Failure

The questions that we ask of ourselves and others can determine our success or failure in life.  Jon Wallace, President of Azusa Pacific University (a Christian college in southern California), likes to ask students these three questions:


  1. Who are you?

What are your skills, abilities, interests, motivations, values, personality traits and spiritual gifts?  What are your dreams and goals for your career and life? 

  1. What is your purpose?

Why are you here on earth?  What has God designed you to do?

  1. What difference does it make?

What dreams and goals would not happen if you were to die today?  How does your purpose meet needs in the world?


How would you answer these three questions?

God has designed our brains to engage when we ask ourselves questions.  If you are uncertain about your answers to these questions, or you need confirmation that you answers are ones that will keep your life on a good course, don't hesitate to ask for help.  Our expertise is helping people answer these three important questions through professional career testing and counseling.  You can schedule a free career services consultation to learn more.  What is your best next step in answering these three key questions?


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