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Think Like an Entrepreneur for Career Success

Think Like an Entrepreneur for Career Success

Even when you are an employee working for someone else, you will be much more satisfied in your work if you think of yourself as being self-employed.  As Brian Tracy describes, you can think of yourself as being the "CEO of your own personal service corporation."   No matter how you produce a paycheck, you are in charge of your career.  Adopting a mindset of being self-employed can lead you to experiencing more meaning and success in your work. 

Here are some of the characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset:

1.  You are aware of your unique God-given design-your skills, interests, values, personality traits and motivations.  You realize that continuing to understand your one-of-a-kind design is critical for choosing the right work assignments and proving that you can meet the employer's needs.

2.  You are need-focused.  You intentionally look for new opportunities to help your organization grow and/or more effectively serve its customers.

As Megan Houlker, director of Babson College's undergraduate Center for Career Development, explains, "The edge entrepreneurs have in the market is that they are opportunity obsessed.  Today's job market is fluid. Those who can move beyond the need for an overly structured career path will quickly surpass the rest of the pack." 

3.  You initiate creatively crafting your job.  This can involve having discussions with your employer to identify the needs that you are observing, how they could be solved, and then negotiating changes to your job description.   Changes in your job description which use your motivated skills and interests can provide you with much more meaning in your work, and help the employer to be more successful.

4.  You are a risk taker.  As Denis Waitley says, "Entrepreneurs know that life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing."  To maximize the use of their gifts, entrepreneurs are willing to take action despite their fears.  Ultimately, as you adjust your action steps, you will achieve success.

5.  You are a servant leader.  Leighton Ford describes servant leadership in this way, "Whatever our career may be, true leadership means to receive power from God and to use it under God's rule to serve people in God's way."  The greatest joy for those who act as entrepreneurs comes as they use their gifts to serve others.

So how is your business/ministry going?  Do you need to develop more of an entrepreneurial mindset?   Taking responsibility for your career by seeing yourself as being self-employed in service of the Master will help you to do the work God designed you to do.


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