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The Key To Getting or Keeping A Job

The Key To Getting or Keeping A Job

By Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Marie Brennfleck
National Certified Career Counselors and Life Calling CoachesSM


Job search expert Tom Jackson said that "any employer will hire any applicant so long as he or she is convinced that it will bring more value than it costs." This "universal hiring rule" points out the fact that the decision to hire or retain someone is always a cost-benefit analysis. A second component of employment security is being able to prove to a specific employer or client that the cost of hiring or keeping you is greatly outweighed by the benefits and value you bring to the situation.

A mistake that many people make in job hunting or on the job is focusing primarily on their needs instead of on those of the employer. They come into an interview prepared to communicate what they want from a job, having spent little or no time investigating what the employer's needs are and how they could help the employer solve those problems or achieve those goals.

Jot down a prospective employer for your job target (or focus on your current employer). What are three problems that likely are confronting that employer today? (Do some research, if necessary on that individual, company or industry.) Now write down one way you could help the employer to solve his or her problems. Spending a few minutes with this exercise will not only give you a significant advantage in being hired, retained, or promoted, but also will better equip you to be "God's person" in the workplace.

Our human nature encourages us to focus on our own needs. God, however, calls us to direct our attention to the needs of others. Not only will you serve others better, but you will enjoy your work more knowing you are providing service that makes a difference. An attitude of service will not only give you increased employment security, but more importantly, allows the light of Christ to shine forth from your life.