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Quick Tips for Successful Job Hunting (Part 2)

Quick Tips for Successful Job Hunting (Part 2)

By Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Marie Brennfleck
National Certified Career Counselors and Life Calling CoachesSM

Listed below are six additional proven "tips" for making your job search efficient and effective. (See Part 1 of this article for the first six tips.) These strategies will help you cut your job search time by as much as 50%, helping you attain your new job as quickly as possible!

7.  Send brief thank-you notes each night to those who have helped you in your job search that day.  Notes can simply say the following: "Thank you for the information (or job lead) you provided to me.  Should you think of anything else that might be helpful for my job search please feel free to contact me at (phone number and email address).  Sincerely, ________" You will stand out from the many job seekers who do not do this. (See our article, Writing Your "Thank You" Letter After An Interview.)


8.  Take the time to know yourself well. One study found that a major reason for extended unemployment is that 80% of job applicants can't prove the top ten skills for their job target. You need to know which of your marketable skills, abilities, values, personality traits, motivations, etc. will help you to do the type of work you are pursuing. God has gifted you in a special way to make a difference in this world. Understanding your God-given design will allow you to prove to employers what makes you different from others who are seeking the same type of work. (See our articles, Career Planning: Essential Life Skill for the 21st Century and Career Master Planning: How to Find Work You Love to Do.)


9.  Describe yourself in terms of skills you have rather than in terms of the jobs you have done.  For example, someone is not only a car mechanic, but also a person who is good with tools and diagnosing problems. (See our article, Now What? How to Determine Your Next Job Target.)

10.  Stay well groomed and appropriately dressed.

11.  Stay organized. Develop a written weekly plan of action and keep a careful record of your employer contacts.

12.  Develop a strong support system.  Job search work can be stressful and challenging. When you have an increased amount of "challenge" in your life, you also need increased support. Take the initiative to create the support system that will work best for you!

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