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Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites

Are you looking to have more control over your career? If so, you might want to consider freelancing. A recent MSN-CareerBuilder Zogby poll found that many workers are open to freelancing in the right situation. Thirty percent of poll respondents would freelance if they could make as much money as their current salary. Another 17 percent are interested in freelancing in order to be their own boss. Consultants, writers, IT specialists and experts in most every field are landing freelance work despite current economic conditions.

In a tough economy, many companies don't have the money to hire full-time personnel, but do have the funds to hire one or more freelancers on a project basis. Therefore, a slow economy can be a great time to start a freelance career (or to make some income while looking for a permanent position).

So what would you do as a freelancer? Typically, you would work in the industry in which you have the most expertise, doing contract work with clients, either on a project-by-project basis or for a specific period of time. You can take as many or as few clients as you want or have time for. Technology today makes finding freelance jobs easier than ever. A great resource to get you started finding freelance opportunities is the Monster List of Freelance Job Sites. You may just be a few clicks away from a new way of earning an income.