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Free Career App to Find a Career That's Right for You

Free Career App to Find a Career That's Right for You

In January of this year, we wrote about a new app, CareerInfo, designed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for career exploration. This week the newest version of the CareerInfo app was released with new career content.

If you are wanting to make a career change or are currently job hunting or are a student needing to choose a major and career direction, this is a tool you can use to explore the occupations that best fit you!  The CareerInfo App can widen your vision as you explore careers that you have little knowledge about.  And of course, you can only choose from the careers that you are aware of!

The CareerInfo App can also have an impact on your salary as it helps you discover the appropriate salary range for your career.  Many of our clients have used this information to negotiate higher salaries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the CareerInfo app “helps you find information about employment, pay, job outlook, education and training requirements, and more for hundreds of detailed occupations. You can browse occupational groups and titles or search by occupation or keywords. Within occupational groups, the app allows you to sort by occupation title, projected growth, and typical education or median pay. You also now can browse top lists such as top paying, fastest growing, and most new jobs! Each occupational profile now includes more detailed information on what they do, work environment, how to become one, pay, and job outlook.”

You can search “Occupational Groups."

Learn more about occupations of interest including the salary range and potential for growth.


And learn about the education needed, related jobs and much more.


The updated app is now available from the App Store and Google PlayCareerInfo presents information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the most popular BLS resource for career information. 

When You Need More Than an App

If you are wanting to make a career change or choose an initial career direction, but don’t know what occupations would be a good fit, we highly recommend two resources: 

1.    The

This is low-cost powerful assessment tool that will analyze your skills and interest, and then match your results to the top careers done in America.  The will also help you to:

-Identify your most enjoyed and marketable skills that are key to your satisfaction and success;

-Develop confidence in making career decisions;

-Write a powerful mission statement;

-Get unstuck and focus on what to do next;

-Avoid using "killer skills" in work that you are good at but don't enjoy;

-Write more powerful resumes, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters;

-Increase your ability to interview effectively and get the job you want;

-Obtain work you love faster by cutting your job search time by 50%

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

2.    Individual, Tailored Career Counseling Services

Many people find great value in having a career counselor who is guiding them every step of the way to discover work that is a calling and not just a job.  After reading about our services, you can schedule a free career services consultation session to discuss which career services would best meet your needs. We would consider it a privilege to help you discover who God has created you to be and what He has designed you to do!


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