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Do You Have "Career Confidence"?

Do You Have "Career Confidence"?

Do you have "career confidence"? In a recent article, Kevin Gaw described career confidence as involving "passion, purpose and a realistic career plan," and states that employers are looking for employees who care about their work.

So, how do YOU score on career confidence? Which statement below best describes you?

0 - I am not confident. I need help in deciding on a good career path that fits my God-given design.

1 - I am slightly confident. I have some options but am confused about what option would be the right choice.

2 - I feel confident about my career choice but I have concerned about how to make it all happen.

3 - I am very confident about my career decision and plans but I need help with marketing myself and obtaining the right job.

4 - I am extremely confident about my career choice/plans and how to make it happen. At this time I don't need any assistance.

If you score less than a "4," we encourage you to explore how career counseling and testing can help you build your career confidence. We can help you:

· Clarify your God-given design through professional career testing (i.e., Strong Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, skills identification, etc.);
- Create a professional Life Calling Map;
· Identify the career path that fits your God-given design;
· Discern God's will for you career;
· Develop a great resume, Linkedin profile and other marketing tools;
· Learn the best job search strategies for today's job market.

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