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Live Your Calling Career Program
Our premier program offers you a proven, comprehensive, systematic approach to identify your unique, God-given design, explore the right career options, and make the best career decision. (This program includes everything that is in the Professional Career Testing Package plus much more.) Find out what the Live Your Calling Career Program can do for you!
"It's really thorough. It's really unique. I don't think it's available anywhere else. It uses a lot of different tools to help a person really narrow down what is important to them in their life and what they would like to do within their life. The tools and stuff that are used are great. It's flexible to a person's needs and time, schedule, not rigid yet it is very structured and organized. I didn't ever feel lost. It works with people from all walks of life. It a really dynamic program. Well put together."
Professional Career Testing Package (for adults or students)
We offer career testing packages for students or adults of all ages. Find out how career testing can help you identify potential career paths or business opportunities, evaluate your current job, and improve your career success. 
"It's been a real process of self discovery". Just coming to terms with what skills I had and things I enjoyed using. It really opened my eyes to recognize things that I had never considered before. It helps you to dream and to think and see a lot bigger than maybe what you're used to in your life." 
Individual Career Coaching Sessions
Career coaching is available on an individual session or monthly basis if other services do not meet your specific needs.  
[The Brennflecks' approach to career counseling/coaching] "is structured to enable a person look inside themselves and see many aspects of their skills and interests, that otherwise, they may not fully be aware....[It] enables an individual to crystallize what is important in their life as it relates to their career. Most importantly, above all else, it develops career answers through a Christian perspective."
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