Nov 18, 2019

IT Systems Administrator

  • JAARS, Inc.
  • Jaars Road, Waxhaw, NC, USA
Full time Communication

Job Description

We are looking for a person to serve as an IT System Administrator.

We are a faith-based nonprofit organization who for more than 35 years has pioneered the use of technology to speed translation and meet the technology needs of translators and support personnel.

We provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Network infrastructure and server administration
  • Solutions for satellite and radio communications
  • Creative power solutions
  • Enterprise web applications

If you believe, as we do, that all languages are of value, form an integral part of peoples’ identity and have the potential to serve them in a rapidly changing world, then you can be part of a team serving minority language communities worldwide.

  • For full-time volunteer or staff who raise their support
  • Must be a US citizen or green card holder to apply

Position Responsibilities

  • Provide networking assistance to users, including help with network connections and passwords
  • Install, link, and maintain various Web servers and database systems
  • Utilize various Web-based scripting languages
  • Manage upgrades and backups
  • Research and implement security strategies
  • Monitor network traffic and makes necessary recommendations for additional resources or hardware


  • Computer Science, Management Information Systems or Computer Engineer degree or equivalent
  • Training in development applications such as JSP or .net, and Internet protocol such as TCP/IP, NFS, DNS, Web services, and other technologies related to internet systems


  • Serv ing others in a technical support role
  • Competencies in MS Office applications and/or Open Office
  • Previous multicultural experience helpful
  • Working with Web infrastructure
  • Explaining business process management, internet security and Web Architecture, networks and server administration

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