May 11, 2024

Staff Nurse

$24.00 - $30.00 hourly
  • CompassCare
  • 44 Court St, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Part time Health Care / Medical

Job Description

Help women considering or pursuing abortion reorient their lives toward God and toward their children.


Lighting the way to peace.

Outcomes and Objectives

  1. The CompassCare Nurse owns continuous improvement and personal development
  2. The CompassCare Nurse delivers optimal patient care on all service platforms adhering to the Patient Services Policy and Procedure Manual
  3. The CompassCare Nurse understands and communicates CompassCare’s mission, Core Values and the Philosophy of Christian Medicine
  4. The CompassCare Nurse engages every patient with excellent professionalism, dignity, empathy and compassion.
  5. The CompassCare Nurse is a confident and gracious communicator, able to navigate challenging conversations while maintaining dignifying patient care. 
  6. The CompassCare Nurse is able to represent CompassCare outside of the organization with professional excellence.
  7. The CompassCare Nurse is fully aware of cultural trends and initiates discussion with her team around possible innovations to improve overall performance.

Position Requirements

  1. Character
    • Christ-centered
    • Graciously courageous (willing to engage conflict while maintaining a positive demeanor)
  2. Chemistry
    • Committed to CompassCare’s Mission
    • Good fit with CompassCare Core Values (Fighting Spirit, Relevance, Accountability)
    • Loyal to CompassCare and willing to make a long-term commitment
  3. Competence
    • Current NYS nursing license
    • Associate’s Degree, BSN or higher
    • Current CPR Certification


Demonstrate compassionate and effective communication skills in all patient and staff interactions.

  1. Quickly establish an environment of trust and safety in patient engagements; empathetic.
  2. Effectively navigate difficult conversations with patients or significant support people who may be present with them.
  3. Professional communication skills with outside agencies on behalf of the patient and the organization.
  4. Maintain frequent communication with other Staff Nurses, Nurse Team Leader and Medical Services Manager.

Patient Services

Perform patient care with excellence; adhere to workplace policies, procedures and standards of practice.

  1. Perform patient service process steps as outlined by the written patient process and patient service software.
  2. Maintain accurate documentation.
  3. Educate patients regarding relevant community support services.
  4. Clinical practice according to the orders of the Medical Director:
    • Urine Pregnancy testing
    • STD education and specimen acquisition
    • Urine specimen collection & processing
    • Vaginal swab, slide preparation, microscopic assessment
    • Venous blood specimen collection & processing
  1. Education and treatment for positive STDs; medication and referral to outside health care agencies.
  2. Limited Obstetric Ultrasound
    • Understand basics of obstetric ultrasonography
    • Perform limited abdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds
    • Carefully communicate concerns to the patient with any unusual ultrasound exam, referring patient to an OB-GYN for follow up.

Professional Development

Collaborate with the medical services team to yield positive patient outcomes and continuous improvement.

  1. Humbly pursue personal continuous improvement through peer observation, accountability and regular connections with the nursing team leader and medical services manager.
  2. Review metric reports, discussing implications and potential areas of improvement.
  3. Attend monthly medical team meetings to discuss projects, metrics, tactical items and strategic plans.
  4. Complete regular training activities relative to early pregnancy determination and STD testing and treatment, to ensure relevance and continuous improvement within the department.
  5. Cross train with all nurses on specific team administrative tasks, including:
    • STD result postings
    • Medical services purchases
    • Tour presentations

Inter-Department Functions

Assist with overlap in other departments.

  • Attend and actively participate in Advancement Department activities if requested by the President or Advancement Manager, including the Walk for Life, Vision Tours and other donor events.
  • Participate in patient and donor marketing activities if requested by the President or Marketing Manager.

Direct Supervisor: Kathy Mauer, VP Patient Services

  • Perform any other duties as directed by the supervisor.

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