Apr 10, 2024

Youth Director

$25.00 hourly
  • Central United Protestant Church
  • Richland, WA
Part time Church

Job Description

Job Title: Youth Director
Central United Protestant Church 
Hours: 20 Hours weekly
Pay: $25.00
Job Description: The Youth Director is responsible for the vision, development, and 
administration of the youth program, which includes middle and high school students. The 
director fosters and creates an atmosphere of trust that creates belonging amongst all teenagers 
and their leaders.
Align Leaders
• Align leaders to work together around a common strategy, values, and language.
• Champion the vision and values of youth ministry throughout the church.
• Facilitate effective meetings to collaborate with key leaders in your organization.
• Manage budget and resources needed to make youth ministry successful.
Refine the Message
• Design a messaging strategy that communicates strategic truths to teenagers.
• Produce strategic experiences that are relevant and engaging for youth.
• Design content to promote and prioritize core messages.
• Develop and improve a diverse team to communicate and lead experiences.
Elevate Community
• Recruit and develop volunteers to lead teenagers weekly.
• Implement a system to recruit and train small group leaders.
• Manage group structure to connect teenagers relationally with peers and leaders.

Engage Every Parent
• Engage every parent and guardian to partner with the ministry.
• Design strategic opportunities to help every parent stay connected.
• Provide resources and experiences that help parents win with their kids.
• Leverage digital strategies to keep parents inspired and informed.
Influence Service
• Influence students to participate in consistent ministry opportunities.
• Recruit and develop students as volunteers in various ministries.
• Train adult leaders to co-lead with teenagers.
• Partner with community organizations to broaden student’s experiences.
• Seasonal serving

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