May 08, 2024

Warehouse Donation Processor / Substitute Program Counselor

$15.00 - $16.00 hourly
  • Chosen Ones
  • 7600 Sand St, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Part time Other

Job Description


·       Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

·       Must be flexible.  Every day is different at Chosen Ones.

·       Process donations:

    • Determine what donated items to keep based on parameters set forth by Warehouse Supervisor.
    • Process items to keep by instructions set forth by Warehouse Supervisor.  This will include preparing items for display in Store.
    • Place items to be re-donated to Ron (Dallas) or Zack in areas designated for each including putting bagged items into Zack’s outside bin.
    • Dispose of unusable items in dumpster per set parameters.
    • Check large, donated items such as car seats, highchairs, etc. to make sure all parts are included, and item are in compliance with current safety standards to the best of her/his knowledge.

·       Empty donation bin every shift and put items into designated area until able to complete donation processing.

·       Break down boxes and remove all trash from warehouse including Sorting Office and Breakroom.

·       Areas of responsibility include:

o   Clothing

o   Shoes

o   Food Pantry

o   Large Items (ex. High chairs, car seats, etc.)

o   Accessories

o   Special projects (ex. Back to School, Fall Festival, Christmas Bags, etc.)

o   Hygiene Bags

o   New Mom Bags

o   Underwear and socks

Hours are Monday and Wednesday 9:30-3:30 pm

Thursday evenings 5-8:30pm

These hours are firm and we are always open!

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