May 24, 2023

Secondary School Principal

$65,000 - $85,000 yearly
  • Western Christian School
  • Salem, OR, USA
Full time CEO/Executive K-12 School Ministry Nonprofit Christian School

Job Description

Reports to: Superintendent
Contract Dates: July 1 - June 30 12 Month Contract
Position Type: Full Time / $65,000-$85,000 DOE

To support the office of the Superintendent in maintaining a school culture that ensures student
success, teacher support, and the spiritual and academic mission of Western.
The Secondary Principal is responsible for coordinating a secondary school-wide student management
process, engaging parents in partnership, supporting teachers, ensuring a positive school climate is
maintained, supervising school-sponsored activities, organizing staff duty schedules and providing input
on student admissions.

Required Personal Qualities:
● Be a committed Christ-follower,
● Attend a Christian church regularly.
● Be a role model in attitude, speech, and actions toward others,
● Have the spiritual maturity and leadership abilities to align with Western Christian School mission,
● Exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit and demonstrate additional character qualities such as servant
leadership, humility, integrity, courage, enthusiasm, strength, courtesy, flexibility, gratitude, and
wellness qualities such as energy, stamina, and endurance.
● Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism,
● Refuse to use or circulate confidential information inappropriately,
● Make an effort to appreciate and understand the uniqueness of the community of Western Christian

The Secondary Principal will work with the Elementary Principal to:
● Implement the tenants of Professional Learning Communities.
● Manage secondary staff and provide general supervision to students.
● Assign teachers to classrooms and students to classes.
● Create a secondary master schedule in collaboration with the elementary principal.
● Facilitate in-service training/professional development for staff.
● Supervise extra-curricular activities.
● Direct the secondary staff in addressing the needs of all students through differentiated instruction.
● Establish priorities for educational materials to meet the needs of students and proactively work with
the Business Manager and Superintendent on budgeting and purchasing.
● Collaborates with the Senior Leadership Team to coordinate processes for the effective functioning of
the school.
● Work with the Academic Success Coach to assure the appropriate programming for special needs/at-risk
● Determines staffing needs and submits recommendations to the Superintendent.
As directed by the Superintendent, the Secondary Principal:
● Alerts the Facilities Director regarding safety concerns that would impact the welfare of students and
● Resolves staff problems and provides support to teachers.
● Evaluates performance and effectiveness of Secondary programs and staff.
● Interacts with students in a constructive manner to encourage each individual to perform at their
highest level.
● Possesses strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize a multitude of tasks.
● Maintains relations with parents, parent groups, and school volunteers and outside agencies.
● Participates in school-wide activities, in-services and committees, as appropriate.
● Implements policy and procedure changes from the Board, or the Superintendent.
● Provides continual monitoring of student achievement.
● Maintains current educational/administrative certificate by meeting required course work.
● Provides instructional and curricular leadership through the development of appropriate programs and
● Ensure quality instruction is taking place in all classrooms.
● Assists in the accreditation process, focusing on secondary.
● Assists in the planning and implementation of the school’s emergency preparedness program.
● Oversees the secondary sports program.
● Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Student Management and Parent Relations Duties:
A. Recommends, administers, and enforces WCS policies and procedures related to attendance and
B. Supervises and is responsible for the maintenance and management of each student’s attendance and
discipline records and policies.
C. Plans and implements preventive disciplinary measures through changes in programming, counseling,
home calls, schedule changes, behavioral plans, etc.
D. Maintains disciplinary files. Exercises appropriate leadership in processing student behavioral problems
including accurate record keeping of infractions as well as communication with parents and staff.
Knowledge & Skills
● High tolerance for ambiguity, changing work priorities and deadlines, and a willingness to take on
responsibilities and to prioritize work on multiple projects;
● Highly detail-focused and results-oriented;
● Ability to communicate and interact effectively with multiple constituencies including parents, staff,
and students;
● Team-player attitude and strong stakeholder-service orientation;
● Excellent organizational, planning, and implementation skills;
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
● Highly proficient in Google Suites, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word;
● Demonstrated initiative, leadership, and tenacity; and
● Passion for Western's mission.
Culture of Achievement and Respect
● Communicate respectfully and thoughtfully with parents/guardians remaining sensitive to different
families’ cultures, values, and needs.
● Work with the school leadership team to implement the school’s mission; coordinate work and
collaborate with the Western network.
● Assist in creating a school culture with staff, parents and students focused on strong academic
achievement, fairness, respect and high expectations for behavior.
● Ensure staff members understand the procedures and have the resources to operate effectively.
● Collaborate with colleagues to continuously improve personal practice and achieve overall goals and
mission of the school.
● Reflect critically upon operational leadership experience, identify areas for further professional
development as part of a professional development plan that is linked to school and network goals,
access meaningful learning experiences, and listen thoughtfully to other viewpoints and respond
constructively to suggestions and criticisms.
● Use feedback to inform and update the Individual Professional Development Plan.
● Fulfill all outlined and related functions professionally and thoroughly.

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