May 23, 2023

Life Coach - Men's Mission

$15.00 - $21.00 hourly
  • Bethesda Mission
  • 611 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA, USA
Full time Counseling

Job Description


 Incumbent is responsible for implementation of the 12-Step Christian Recovery Program and the Ministry’s long term, Christ-centered discipleship program.  Oversees the supervision and assessment of men assigned to them and becomes involved in all aspects of their care.  As a Life Coach, emphasis on the following six expectations must be included in each man’s program goals:

 ·         Physical.  Medical and Dental Clinic appointments are kept and develops an exercise program.

·         Behavioral.  Addiction and/or mental health counseling; guides and sets up resources, e.g., Naaman Center, psychiatric care.

·         Spiritual.  Guides their teaching, study, counseling, church attendance, etc.

·         Housing.  Works with landlords, housing agencies, Paxton Ministries, etc.

·         Educational/Occupational Needs.  Connects with HACC/educators, learning a trade/Industrial Arts Center, Boy’s and Girl’s Club; local businesses.

·         Does Life.  Gets out with guests doing things, e.g., work projects, Kipona, attending sporting events.


 1.      Monitors implementation of the recovery program to ensure that it is effectively meeting the real needs of Men’s Mission clients.

 2.      Assesses the appropriateness of prospective program participants and develops general treatment plans for those accepted.

 3.      By example and by instruction, disciples all program participants in their walk with Jesus Christ and in becoming actively involved with a congregation of fellow believers.

4.      Facilitates small group therapy meetings supplemented with classroom instruction and individual counseling as indicated.

5.      Administers guest discipline in accordance with current Men’s Mission guidelines.

6.      Participates in the implementation of the Mission’s drug and alcohol testing program.

7.      Assigns and schedules in-house work to be accomplished by program participants.

8.      Attends all staff meetings when notified by verbal or written announcement.  Please note:  Staff meetings are mandatory and employees are expected to attend unless absence has been pre-arranged with the Director of Men’s Mission.

9.      Meets with new guest and completes assessment in the database.  Upon completion of assessment, the Life Coach will accompany guest to Medical and Dental Clinics for introduction to staff and their services.  Also, develops goals for the men they assess. Meets with these guests weekly (or more often if needed) to ascertain if guest is following through with expectations. Continues to work with each guest as necessary to accomplish goals.  The Life Coach keeps House Supervisors informed of any assistance needed by them to assist guests.

10.  Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


1.      Provides a biblically sound testimony of having accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and leads a life worthy of that profession.  Actively engages in private and corporate prayer, Bible Study, regular church attendance, and holy living.

2.      Agrees with and carries out responsibilities in accordance with the Mission’s policies that are included in the Bethesda Mission Directives, the Bethesda Mission Code of Conduct, the Bethesda Mission Statement of Faith, the Bethesda Mission Document on Sexual Sin and Brokenness, Value Statement and Narratives, and the Mission Statement.

3.      Committed to serving the poor and homeless.

4.      Presents a history of stable and responsible employment.

5.      Has at least five years of full-time experience related to implementation of Christian discipleship programs.

6.      Requires ability to participate in or lead devotional times as well as ministering to and praying with co-workers and guests with specific needs.

7.      Possesses the ability to articulate his personal philosophy as to the causes of addiction and other life dysfunctions and the methodologies most effective in treatment.

8.      Requires a Bachelor’s Degree with emphasis on Human and Social Services, or equivalent combination of training and experience in addiction recovery.

9.      Demonstrates effective oral and written business communication.

10.  Competent in the use of a personal computer for routine record keeping, reports and correspondence.

11.  Possesses the ability to work effectively with others in a positive, cooperative manner.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Works in office areas as well as throughout the facility and travels to other Mission facilities as required.  Sits, stands, bends, lifts, and moves intermittently during working hours.  Interacts with guests, staff, visitors, etc., under all conditions/circumstances.  May be subject to hostile and emotionally upset guests or visitors, etc. under all conditions/circumstances.  May be exposed to infectious conditions including exposure to the AIDS and hepatitis B viruses.  May be required to work extended periods of time at a computer.

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