Mar 21, 2023

Executive Director

  • Native American Christian Academy
  • Sun Valley, AZ, USA
Full time Education

Job Description

Executive Director of Native American Christian Academy

Summary of Character, Duties and Responsibilities

● Adhering to 1 Timothy 3:2 by living above reproach in all areas of our
Christian walk.
● Support and exemplify the mission: to educate and disciple students for
● Hold fast our core values: holiness, teamwork (Phil. 2:4), service (John
● A life-long learner motivated to support the organization students’ and staff
success by seeking wisdom and understanding and demonstration of
empathy and grace.

Visionary Leadership Skills
● Work to create and maintain a positive and safe work environment that
uplifts personnel and identifies and supports strengths and weaknesses.
● Coordinate with the dorm, academic, and support areas of campus, to
ensure that the mission of the campus is effectively and appropriately
carried out.
● Supervise the director of student life, principal, finance officer, office
manager, food service supervisor, maintenance supervisor, support staff,
and assist them with any problems in their areas.

● Administer the financial, physical, and spiritual policies of the campus.
● Recruit, interview, and screen candidates for employment, referring
qualified candidates to the appropriate department head.
● Maintain awareness of mental health resources as needed to support
staff, students and student families.
● Seek spiritual, academic, and vocational growth opportunities for middle
and high school students.

Human Resources
● Conduct annual staff evaluations..
● Document and maintain current and exacting personnel records including
disciplinary action, training, awards and merit.
● Negotiate and document areas of employee conflict.
● Seek counsel with the Administrative Cabinet (when circumstances allow)
as needed to terminate employees deemed unsatisfactory or
uncooperative to the overall mission of NACA.

● Organize the student, staff, and dorm handbooks, editing them for
● Monitor the overall function of campus life.
● Research areas of information, complaints, and future growth.
● Coordinate grant initiatives.
● Recommend proposals for the future growth of NACA.
● Assist with newsletter preparation and mailing and other PR-related
● Assist with fundraising.
● Assist and support the Work and Witness program.
● Establish and maintain a community awareness, understanding of cultural
norms, and healthy connections with the local families and like-minded
● Maintain good standing with funding agencies and compliance with federal
and state and local regulators regarding food service, K-12 education,

Student Safety/Welfare and Campus Safety
● Implement policies, on-going training, support and exemplify ministry-safe
practices at all times and at every level.
● Implement training, support and model practices as needed to create
environmental awareness and conditioned practices that assure safe
school zones, dorms, transportation and activities.

● Awareness, insight and capacity needed to address mental health issues
impacting students and student families: drug and alcohol abuse, suicide,
domestic violence, sex trafficing, Pandemic and others.
● Coordinate with staff to implement appropriate and meaningful use of

● This position requires excellent and diverse computer skills and
knowledge of hardware, software and multiple application-based
communication and reporting tools.

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