May 26, 2022

Aviation Digital Media Recruiting Coordinator

  • JAARS, Inc.
  • JAARS, Jaars Road, Waxhaw, NC, USA
Full time Communication Media/Video/Radio

Job Description

Target Staff Type             Supported/Volunteer

Work Location   JAARS Waxhaw

FTE         1.000

Position Summary          

The mobilization and recruitment of the next generation of mission aviators is perhaps as critical today as ever in history. As an Aviation Digital Media Recruitment Coordinator, your role is to produce digital material and manage its dissemination in an effective way in today's media orientated world. Your role is to create an engaging message that encourages today's youth to follow their passion in using aviation to serve the task of Bible Translation. 

Position Responsibilities              

  • Help develop and maintain JAARS Aviation mobilization and recruiting messaging on social media
  • Coordinate the JAARS Aviation digital recruiting presence at key schools and organizations
  • Help produce and manage effective recruitment videos to be used across various platforms
  • Help manage our organizational websites as they pertain to aviation recruiting, keeping the messaging relevant and up to date
  • Other duties as assigned

Position Requirements 

  • A deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal spiritual growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
  • Embrace the vision, mission and core values of JAARS
  • Knowledge and experience in photography and videography
  • Experience in web design and social media platform management
  • Marketing experience helpful
  • Ability to work independently as well as on a team

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