Aug 04, 2022

Secondary Principal

$60,000 - $70,000 yearly
  • Western Christian School
  • Salem, OR, USA
Full time Education

Job Description


Western Christian School equips students for a life of faith and learning by providing a

Christ-centered educational experience highlighted by four key distinctions: academic

excellence, nurturing community, enrichment opportunities, peacebuilding & service.

Job Description

Western is looking for an energetic  Secondary Principal  that assists the Superintendent in providing professional leadership to organize, administer, supervise, and evaluate a creative school program that is based on our mission to provide an exceptional Christian education. 

Education and Experience Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree from an accredited educational institution, in Education or Education Administration
  2. Certification in Educational Leadership, School Principal or Professional School Principal, or Administration and Supervision. (ACSI or State) 
  3. Minimum of four (4) years classroom teaching experience.
  4. Must meet Western Christian School employee requirements.
  5. Desire to continue career improvement.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Maintain a Christian leadership testimony based on 1st Timothy 3.
  2. Agree and abide by all Western Christian School employee agreements.
  3. Develop and maintain a personal, professional development plan based on job duties.
  4. Alert the Superintendent regarding any personal conflicts of interest with the purpose, vision, or policies of the school.
  5. Perform the responsibilities of the position with the highest professional and ethical standards.
  6. Exhibit behavior and communication that recognizes the inherent dignity in all of God’s children.

Essential Duties:

  1. Assist in providing professional leadership to organize, administer, supervise, and evaluate a creative school program.
  2. Evaluation of teachers and other school personnel.
  3. Establishing an optimal learning environment within the school.
  4. Ensure that all school programs and activities conform to Board Policies and internal procedural policies.
  5. Communicate effectively with all members of the staff and community.
  6. Work effectively with school organizations.
  7. React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned.
  8. Support the value of a Christian education.
  9. Support the philosophy and vision of Western Christian School.
  10. Ensure a program for the evaluation and improvement of instruction to ensure maximum educational benefits for students.
  11. Ensure a comprehensive curriculum and program of sers in cooperation with teachers and Superintendent.
  12. Ensure an atmosphere of respect, interest, and enthusiasm within the school.
  13. Communicate openly and effectively with students,  community, staff, and administration.
  14. Assist with development and implementation of the School Improvement Plan.
  15. Demonstrate initiative and proactive orientation for fulfilling performance responsibilities and seeking solutions to problems and concerns.
  16. Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques.
  17. Coordinate the school accreditation process.
  18. Create and coordinate the school’s “specials schedule.”
  19. Create staff and faculty duty schedules.
  20. Coordinates carpool responsibilities and schedule. 

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure the general welfare of students during the school day, on school trips, and during school activities.
  2. Ensure a code of student conduct in accordance with school policy to ensure a safe and orderly learning environment.
  3. Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of discipline issues.
  4. Coordinate parent meetings regarding discipline issues.
  5. Engage the Superintendent in determining student suspensions and expulsions.
  6. Determine student behavior improvement programs based on school discipline records.

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities:

  1. Assist with the selection and assignment of certificated and classified personnel.
  2. Assist with the evaluation and coaching of teachers.
  3. Analyze student performance data as a basis for curriculum improvement and staff development needs.
  4. Maintain accurate records of teacher’s certifications.
  5. Maintain an active and comprehensive Professional Development Unit list.
  6. Organize and manage an effective substitute system, including the selection and supervision of substitute personnel.
  7. Delegate duties for effective staff utilization.
  8. Encourage the professional growth of teachers by advanced training, experimentation, and evaluation.
  9. Work cooperatively with peers in sharing ideas, techniques, and procedures for improvement of the learning environment.

Management Responsibilities

  1. Assist with the administration of Board policies in the operation of the school.
  2. Assist with the administration of the school budget.
  3. Assist in maintaining school records and filing necessary reports.
  4. Assist in school compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of the various governmental agencies as they relate to non-profit private schools.
  5. Assist with planning and organizing the school day and year to provide for efficient operation of the school.
  6. Adhere to all state and local health and safety policies, including all precautions of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan, As well as creating earthquake and fire drill schedules. 
  7. Assist the maintenance staff as they maintain the recommendations in the schools Property Condition Assessment plan; assuring a safe, clean, attractive, and well-kept building and grounds.
  8. Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

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