Jan 14, 2022

Port City Project Director

  • Vigilant Hope
  • Wilmington, NC, USA
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Job Description

POSITION: Port City Project Director

POSITION TYPE: Full-Time. Please note: Applicant must be comfortable with support raising for salary.

PRIMARY MISSION IN AREA OF SERVICE: The objective of Port City Project is to provide the visiting students and adults with an urban missions experience that will influence the church, transform their lives, challenge any misconceptions about the community we serve and honor Christ as we come alongside those in need.



  • Scheduling
    • Schedule mission groups at worksites and assist, as desired by the visiting group, with coordinating activities/restaurant recommendations for their fun day.
    • Communicate schedules and details to leaders of the mission groups.
    • Make any necessary updates to mission schedule and ensure the mission team and all Vigilant Hope staff have a copy of the updated schedule.

  • Worksites
    • Develop and maintain relationships with partnering ministries, donors (food & supplies) and visiting mission teams.
    • Act as liaison for ministry partners and mission teams.
    • Oversee respect, cleanliness and efficiency at worksites.

  • Hosting Mission Teams/Service Teams
    • Orienting teams to the city, Vigilant Hope’s mission and rules/guidelines for the week.
    • Framing each worksite, restaurant and activity
    • Guiding teams to their worksites and ensuring directions are available for fun day activities.
    • Facilitating the team’s entire schedule and leading evening reflections and debriefs to allow participants to process their experiences.
    • Follow accounting procedures for money handling.

  • Seasonal Staff
    • Assist in training and supervising of Port City Project interns/apprentices.
    • Engage in mediation of conflict, as necessary.
    • Assist in the recruitment of summer interns and apprentices, if interns have not already been hired.
    • Explain and advise interns as to the weekly schedule, especially when changes have been made.
    • Be available to summer interns during on-call hours.
    • Come alongside interns in encouraging them to maintain their time with God.  - Model the expectation.

  • Miscellaneous Tasks
    • Assist to maintain appropriate written materials for Vigilant Hope HQ: Cleaning lists, devos, room assignments, cleaning assignments, rules, etc.
    • Assists with food preparation and shopping for supplies.
    • Host any serve team requesting a separate service project to serve with Vigilant Hope.


  • Enjoys working with youth from rural, suburban and urban contexts.
  • Awareness of cultural differences within the Church and passion to relate cross-culturally.
  • Has a passion for missions, particularly in an urban setting.
  • Is independent and a self-starter (but can also work well on a team).
  • Has leadership experience.
  • Loves Jesus and wants to serve Him.
  • Good administrative, supervision and organizational skills
  • High level of problem solving skill.
  • Experience living and working in a city is a plus!


  • Maturity in relationship with Christ
  • Training in people and systems management
  • Training in computer and internet programs


  1. All employees are expected to be in alignment with and contribute to the mission of Vigilant Hope.
      1. SERVICE: We strive to glorify God by serving our staff, ministry partners and mission teams with excellence.
      2. LEADERSHIP: We take responsibility for performing our duties with excellence and for initiating ways to improve the service we provide.
      3. TEAMWORK: We practice mutual cooperation and communication both within  and outside of our team in order to accomplish our common mission.
      4. INTEGRITY: We are committed to honest practices, communication and relationships that honor Jesus Christ and one another.
      5. LEARNING: We view learning as an ongoing process and seek opportunities to improve ourselves both personally and professionally.

2.   All employees are expected to demonstrate the following characteristics:

      1. Cooperate with others when in a team environment
      2. Accept direction from supervisors
      3. Follow work rules and procedures
      4. Punctual and consistent attendance


      1. Able to travel when necessary
      2. Able to provide articulate verbal presentations to large groups
      3. Be available for other duties as requested by the Executive Director

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