Nov 19, 2021

Leadership Associate

  • UrbanPromise Wilmington INC
  • 2401 Thatcher Street, Wilmington, DE, USA
Full time Administrative Management Ministry Jobs Nonprofit Strategy-Planning

Job Description

UrbanPromise Wilmington Leadership Associate


The vision of UrbanPromise is to be a community in Christ of servant leadership and transformation, seeking a full life for all involved: urban youth, families, staff, and volunteers, in the neighborhoods of our city.


The mission of UrbanPromise is to equip urban youth through Christ with the skills necessary for academic success, life management, personal growth and servant leadership.

Job title: Leadership Associate

Reports to: President

Job Purpose

Provide Senior Leadership capacity to the UrbanPromise Wilmington leadership team.

Duties and Responsibilities - Staff members are expected to strive for transformative quality in everything they undertake.

  • Foster Community in Christ
    • Engage in personal spiritual development (get a mentor, bible study prayer, etc) 
    • Participate in staff spiritual practice events (prayer, discipleship, bible study, etc)
    • Support and engage in safe practices
    • Hold reporting staff accountable in UrbanPromise Wilmington’s discipleship expectations.
    • Engage in professional development through staff retreats, training, and team building events
    • Invest and support the UPW community through actions and attitudes
    • Actively pursue UPW fundraising goals through relationship development, support letters, fig trips etc
    • Have fun

  • Coordinate an efficient and effective annual strategic planning process across UPW
    • LA is to work with the President, and all program leaders to coordinate the annual strategic planning process. The annual process is to include detailed plans for all programming and operations (Children’s Programming, StreetLeaders, UP Academy, UP School, Interns, Trekkers, administration, development and the like) to enable the UPW mission. The planning process is to look out 3-5 years. 
    • Develop the process to share and gain feedback from the board of directors on the plan each year. 
    • Work with the President and senior staff to integrate the planning process with the budgeting process. 
    • Ensure that each ministry has developed and tracks critical metrics to assess the quality of delivery of the UPW Vision and Mission and to strive for excellence in meeting this Vision and Mission. 
    • Coach all other program leaders in best practices to develop and implement strategic plans and use of metrics. 

  • Enable and facilitate senior staff implementation: 
    • Develop agenda and facilitate all senior-staff staff meetings
    • Capture and track all action items from senior staff for follow-up and completion
    • Collect critical operating metrics across all ministries, develop monthly review process with UPW president, sharing with BOD as needed
    • Collect and summarize progress on strategic plan across UPW as well as any UPW wide KPIs and programs for quarterly updates by senior staff
    • Work with the Board of Directors to assemble all needed input from staff ahead of each board meeting – Financial reports, updates on planning progress, calendar

Direct Reports

  • Initially this position has no direct reports. It is anticipated that once core processes are put in place, we will shift additional responsibilities to this role which may include additional planning resources or current programs

Preferred education and experience

    • Demonstrated Servant Leader experiences
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • 8-15 years’ work experience 
    • 3-5 years’ experience of participating-in or leading strategic planning processes, organizational effectiveness, use of key performance indicators
    • Demonstrated business acumen
    • Strong written & verbal communication skills
    • Strong presentation skills. Communicates clearly and with confidence, exhibits proficiency in report design and organization
    • Can work well independently as well as in program teams to formulate creative solutions to challenges
    • Experience managing and coordinating strategic projects with (senior) team members
    • Proficiency with appropriate technology and software 

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