Nov 19, 2021

Sports Program Director

$22,000 - $28,000 yearly
  • UrbanPromise Wilmington INC
  • 2401 Thatcher Street, Wilmington, DE, USA
Full time Recreation Youth Ministry

Job Description

UrbanPromise Wilmington Job Description

Sports Program Director


The vision of UrbanPromise is to be a community in Christ of servant leadership and transformation seeking a full life for all involved: urban youth, families, volunteers and staff in the neighborhoods of our city.


The mission of UrbanPromise is to equip urban youth through Christ with the skills necessary for academic success, life management, personal growth and servant leadership.

Job title: Sports Program Director

Reports to: Programming Director

Job purpose

The UrbanPromise Wilmington Sports program is a critical, fun outreach mechanism to engage youth and families in our community. Throughout the year, we operate numerous teams and clinics covering a wide range of sports. The Sports program focuses on character building and teamsmanship, over wins and ability.

The Sports Program Director provides direction and supervision to the sports program, volunteers and staff.  The Sports Program Director helps ensure the vision and mission of UrbanPromise is in the forefront of all planning and implementation. The Sports Program Director empowers volunteers and staff, encouraging them to carry out their responsibilities in a timely and whole-hearted manner. 

"Sports is not an end to itself.  But it is a great tool to reach students in their passions and teach them that all they do is for the glory of God. Being a part of the sports program has given me the opportunity to see students who struggle in other areas really flourish as leaders on the court/field."

- Josh, Coach

Duties and responsibilities - Staff members are expected to strive for transformative quality in everything they undertake.

  • Foster Community in Christ
    • Engage in personal spiritual development (bible study, prayer, get a mentor)
    • Participate in staff spiritual practice events (prayer, discipleship, bible study) and act in support of the UrbanPromise Wilmington community
    • Hold teenage StreetLeaders accountable to UrbanPromise Wilmington’s discipleship expectations
    • Engage in professional development through staff retreats, training and team building events
    • Actively pursue fundraising by developing relationships with potential donors and communicating with them regularly
  • Support staff and volunteers
    • Coach and develop staff and volunteers, providing proactive feedback
    • Evaluate program and volunteers (monthly check ups, bi-yearly appraisals)
    • Assist programs (summer and after-school camps, special events, trips)
    • Find resources (supplies, food, accommodations, gym space) to carry out the Sports program
  • Oversee administration of Sports program 
    • Support and engage in safe practices
    • Maintain processes and procedures (policies, events calendars, planning, curricula, budgets)
    • Lead meetings and events (3 on 3 tournaments, sport teams)
    • Coordinate recruitment, orientation and training for staff and volunteers
    • Gather and report measurements for areas of responsibility
    • Oversee team management and coaching (keeping schedules, league participation)
    • Build relationships with support organizations
    • Operate a budget

  • Develop programs areas
    • Create and implement strategic plan (destination, measurements)
    • Create, lead, contribute towards Strategic planning in every area of UPW
    • Build transformative relationships in keeping with the UrbanPromise mission and vision

Direct reports

  • teenage StreetLeaders
  • Volunteers

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