Nov 16, 2021

HCYH House Parents

  • CNS International Ministries, Inc.
  • Bethel, Missouri, MO, USA
Full time House Parent Ministry Jobs Nonprofit Christian School Youth Ministry

Job Description

Heartland Children & Youth Home (HCYH) seeks a full-time pair of House Parents. This position is essential to the primary vision of Heartland Ministries to help hurting children. This position holds the responsibility of caring for and raising the youth through a loving and nurturing household. House Parents are expected to shepherd youth through the many complexities of childhood and adolescence from a Biblical worldview. House Parent's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, demonstrating a godly lifestyle, leading the household as unto the Lord, assisting the youth in academic development, and educating and equipping youth with foundational life skills. House Parents must possess a heart to serve and help children. Many of these children come from broken families and various situations that necessitate House Parents to possess patience, self-control, and conflict de-escalation skills.

    • Physical Requirements:
      • Extensive standing. Extensive walking. Extensive movement (i.e., bending, squatting, turning, etc.). Working in/outdoors. Working extended hours. Being able to lift 25 lbs. Being able to climb stairs.
    • Minimal Qualifications:
      • High School Diploma (required)
      • Previous experience in Youth Ministry or Children related service (preferred)
      • Class E driver’s license (required)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The company has a stringent substance abuse policy. We have a zero tolerance to alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

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