Sep 14, 2021

Principal - Abundant Life Christian School

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Full time Christian Teacher Education Christian School

Job Description

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About the Principal:

The Principal of Abundant Life Christian School provides leadership that creates an environment whereby Christ is first in all the school does, and faith and discipleship of students is fully integrated with academic development. The Principal creates a culture that naturally and readily accepts academic development as a subset of discipleship and that developing students spiritually is as important as developing them academically. This person also manages and directs the delivery of educational services (K – Grade 8), including management of all teachers, assistants, and allocated administrative support staff.  

The Principal will manage the delivery of educational services in a manner that will satisfy the school’s vision and mission. From a Biblical worldview, ALCS prepares the whole student with quality instruction and individual attention to empower them to reach their full potential and serve the greater community.

The Principal works collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to create and implement intentional programs designed to assist the staff, teachers, parents, and students in their academic and spiritual development. This person will understand the vision and mission of ALCS and ensure that all educational activities and elements move the school in that direction. The Principal also works with the SLT to develop annual objectives and plans that lead the school in a future direction congruent with its vision and mission.

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The Principal Will: 

  • Support and align performance of position with the Vision and Mission of the school.

  • Adhere to and behave in a manner consistent with the school’s Statement of Faith.

  • Help create a culture and environment where students accept God's gift of salvation and help them grow in their faith through witness and Christian role modeling.

  • Develop an annual plan for the delivery of educational services, including participation in the development of an annual budget.

  • Provide leadership to a team of educators--the primary responsibility being to equip and empower those under his/her supervision to perform their duties in excellence and to align with the vision and mission of the school and to be strong spiritual mentors to students.

  • Provide leadership and support to educational staff in understanding and achieving agreed upon objectives, in conflict resolution, and in making operational decisions.

  • Lead regular meetings with the staff to ensure two-way communication takes place and issues are well understood.

  • Collaborate with the Learning Center leaders, SLT members, teachers, and staff in implementing intentional programs and processes that lead to the attainment of the school’s vision and mission and associated annual goals and objectives.

  • Develop plans to continuously improve personal academic performance and the discipleship of students.

  • Ensure administrative support is balanced for all grades.

  • Ensure the requirements of governing authorities are satisfied at all grade levels.

  • Ensure continuous technical and spiritual advancement for staff and students by staying abreast of new developments ensuring continuous improvement of programs.

  • Recruit and develop a teaching staff to ensure the attainment of student’s personal academic potential and the discipleship of students.

  • Develop plans and reports as required by governing authorities.

  • Assist the SLT in developing policies consistent with the vision/mission of ALCS.

  • Develop procedures, consistent with the vision and mission that will give clear direction in daily operations while respecting the need to consider each situation on its own merits.

  • Lead the development of the annual educational operating budget and manage spending within budget provisions.

  • Identify staff and materials/supplies requirements to ensure annual objectives are met.

  • Recommend approval of all Purchase Requests and spending regarding educational requirements within policy guidelines.

  • Develop and/or source curriculum and courses that meet the learning needs of the students and position ALCS as a leader in Christian Education and Independent Schools.

  • Help develop a discipleship process for all teachers, students, and families that is fully integrated and seamless within the school program such that learning is encompassed by spiritual development and formation.

  • Represent school administration on school committees in an advisory capacity.

  • Maintain relationships with educational suppliers/vendors to build trust and positive community relations.

  • Cooperate with the Learning Center staff to ensure success of the pre-K learning program.

  • Work with the Advancement department to coordinate and participate in the enrollment process, including policy and procedure development, interviews with new families, evaluations regarding re-enrollment of current families, and authorization of registrant acceptance.

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What You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Principal:

Education & Experience

  • Preferred candidates will have a graduate degree.

  • Preferred candidates will have a minimum of ten (10) years of commensurate experience.

Personal Characteristics

To successfully respond to the challenges of the role, the Principal will be a highly committed and energetic individual. Candidates should exhibit:

  • Being a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, demonstrating Christ-like character and the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • A strong understanding of the ALCS organization and a belief and passion for its mission and vision.

  • Demonstration as a strong team player who communicates openly, honestly and who acts on behalf of ALCS’ best interest.

  • Strong analytical thinking, researching and analyzing information to make logical, rational conclusions.

  • Working effectively in a changing environment.

  • Excellent oral and written skills.

  • Highly-developed attention to detail.

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • A demonstration to manage multiple tasks with an ability to prioritize.

  • Optimizing time and resources ensuring high-quality work.

  • Focus on results, bringing initiatives to a successful conclusion.

  • An ability to deal professionally and respectfully with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills.

  • Creativity and willingness to present new ideas.

  • A high degree of professionalism and organizational discipline.

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