Nov 18, 2021

Classroom teacher for multi-age/multi-grade class

$25,000 - $30,000 yearly
  • New Song Mission
  • Freetown, IN, USA
Full time Education

Job Description



Employment Type: Full-time
Status: Exempt
Annual Salary: Commensurate with experience
Work hours: 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday
Reports to: Associate Director and Executive Director

Mission Statement: The purpose of New Song Mission is to equip valuable, vulnerable children for life, through the love of Christ Jesus.

Ministry Overview: New Song Mission’s 100-acre residential, educational campus was created by the grace of God to provide personal, holistic growth and transformation to the at-risk kids in our care. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian ministry, we seek to help children toward this goal through biblical discipleship, personalized academic instruction, relational mentoring, recreational activities, and experiential learning. We care for our students with love, compassion, and patience, receiving our strength, wisdom, joy, and peace from the Lord. We seek to serve God with gratitude and humility for all the blessings He has provided in our own lives.

General Job Description: The responsibility of a New Song Mission classroom teacher is to provide a safe, enriching, and motivating educational environment to the children in New Song’s care. Instruction takes place in small classroom settings offering both individualized and group learning activities. Core subjects at New Song are taught through an online curriculum due to the wide grade level ranges in each classroom, which allows for the classroom teacher and tutors to come alongside of students and assist them personally with challenges they are experiencing in their subject matter. Group instruction can include Bible, Science, Leadership Training, and several elective classes. The unique, scenic setting on the campus also provides opportunities for outdoor learning.

Teachers will be Christian mentors to students, living out Christian values in the classroom and leading lifestyles that model positive Christian character, providing biblical guidance through which God can transform the students’ lives in Christ. Teachers are a part of a larger ministry team and will be called upon to assist the students in other important ways of achieving the ministry’s purpose, which is the holistic growth and transformation of our students.

Essential Job Expectations: A New Song Teacher is expected, by God’s grace, to fulfill the following goals:

1. Spiritual. The Teacher will:

• Model a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
• Inspire students to have a personal faith in the Creator God and the Savior, Jesus Christ
• Disciple the students in Christian principles and living
• Integrate biblical principles and the Christian worldview throughout the curriculum and learning activities

2. Academic. The Teacher will:

• Participate in the development and implementation of a fully integrated curriculum
• Be knowledgeable of and work to meet given learning standards for different grade levels
• Learn and facilitate the use of the online curriculum and other resources made available for New Song students
• Plan and include a variety of enriching educational activities for individual and groups of students, such as outdoor experiences, field trips, guest instructors, etc.
• Maintain an open dialogue and cooperative spirit with house parents, other staff members, and administrators for the benefit of individual students
• Demonstrate a desire to grow as a professional educator

3.Instructional. The Teacher will:

• Ensure that the classroom reflects a professional, organized, harmonious, and Christian environment
• Remain aware of the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students
• Set daily academic goals for individual students and the group in each subject
• Design learning experiences that engage students in learning and achieving goals
• Facilitate each student’s learning by coming alongside them, assisting and tutoring them with their work in ways that assure personal learning
• Provide progress reports and enter information into school records
• Work with local public school teachers and administrators as necessary for the benefit of New Song students, some of whom may be re-enrolled back into public schools

Christian Faith: Has received Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and demonstrates a mature faith in the Lord

Educational Requirements: College diploma in the field of Education and a State Teacher’s license (an Indiana teaching license is preferred)

Experience: Has knowledge of the physical and emotional development of children who have grown up in chaotic, dysfunctional backgrounds or is willing to learn about the needs of such children

Personal characteristics: Possesses those personal characteristics which are necessary and beneficial to effectively teach at-risk children and manage a classroom environment

Statement of Faith, Culture, Guiding Principles, & Core Values: Commitment to New Song’s Statement of Faith, Culture, Guiding Principles, & Core Values Statement

Physical Capacity: Has the physical capacity to fulfill each of the duties and responsibilities listed, as well as physical activities such as general lifting, light athletics, and school outings

Continuous Learning: Demonstrates the desire and ability to continually learn and grow in the position

Valid Driver’s License: Has and maintains a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a ministry vehicle to transport children without restrictions

General Qualifications: Meets the general qualifications for employment as outlined in the personnel policies

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