Oct 14, 2021

Worship Leader at Deep Rivers Church

$15,000 - $20,000 yearly
  • Ad Lib Music
  • Hummelstown, PA, USA
Part time Church Creative Arts Ministry Nonprofit

Job Description



This position is for you if your heart is to see Jesus magnified, glorified, and loved by His Bride. You know through experience that in His Presence is fullness of joy, and you deeply want others to experience what you’ve experienced in the Upper Room with Him and in other corporate gatherings where the Bride was free to express her love. You want to do whatever it takes to remove the barriers from His Bride to experience the fullness of His love and to love Him without reservation. You know that the Bride is healed when she worships when she is given the freedom to express her love for her King. You provide on-ramps to express this love in the corporate gathering by offering instructions on expressing love physically and verbally. You are encouraged with every small step, knowing Jesus is pleased with every attempt. You continue to explore new ways to help people engage with God and are open to the worship arts as God leads.


Position Summary

You are a worshipper at heart and one who wants to help others see the beauty of God. You are truly there to create a space for the Bride to meet with her King. You have multiplication in your heart and are already in the habit of raising up/mentoring other leaders. You have experience playing an instrument (beyond your voice) on a team and have at least a 3.5 - 4 on a scale of 1-5 (5 being professional) in proficiency. 


  1. Lead and train others to lead the musical worship for the worship service 
  1. Be prepared to lead congregational singing with the worship team [or alone]  
  2. Utilize a mix of new, current, local, and older songs, being aware of what the Body of Christ is responding to in this season and beyond.
  3. Be able to read scripture and pray as needed.
  4. Utilizing testimony as part of the worship set (as we go)

  1. Lead the Worship Team 
  1. Lead in humility, authenticity, and musicianship. Be willing to engage in conflict.
  2. Host periodic interviews and auditions for those interested, and be willing to offer resources for hopefuls to work on who are not yet ready to be on the team. 
  3. Lead an efficient, well-organized, and fun weekly worship team rehearsal to work on music for the upcoming gathering, with input from the group members and with the goal of raising up leaders who can lead. 
  4. Help the less experienced participants become knowledgeable of their instruments and roles. 
  5. Strengthen the individuals on the team by helping them grow in their love for Jesus and others. 


  1. Work in a team relationship with Audio/Visual Volunteer Team Lead
  1. Double-check the lyric arrangements in KeyNote during rehearsal or before gathering.
  2. Be responsible for a consistent, quality sound mix by giving regular timely, specific feedback to the techs. 

  1. Communicate with the Lead Pastor/Nicole regularly to discuss worship themes and maintain a trust-based working relationship. Be willing to engage and talk through conflict.

  1. Cooperate with the Elder Board and volunteers to enrich the church’s worship ministry and promote cooperative relationships among its many people in ministry.

  1. Participate in staff meetings, preferably in person, but Zoom is acceptable, and training events. 


The Worship Leader must provide leadership in three areas: 

  1. Organizational Leadership
  2. Team/Event Leadership
  3. Support Leadership 

The worship leader must always be looking to empower others with significant responsibilities. This is not primarily a task-driven role but a relational one. If we are doing our job right, we will raise up and send out people into new spheres of influence as we reproduce. The worship leader, therefore, is not looking to fill spots on the team. Instead, the worship leader is looking for those who have a heart for worship, are committed to DRC for this season, and find joy in community and collaboration with other musicians. 

  1. Organizational Administration: 

As a young church that has been in significant states of change, especially on the worship team, these items below will be as much discovered as created. There will be a lot of freedom, within the context of our DNA, with what each of these items will look like. We desire to empower you to express your leadership in these areas in the way God has wired you. We trust that you bring what we need.

Long-range Plan, Create Structure, Set Goals & Budget, Personnel Issues (with a lot of support from Nicole), Mentor Leaders, Meet with Leaders, Co-Pastoring Teams (with Nicole), membership in HarvestNet to network with others in our region and nationally/globally who are working together for the harvest.

  1. Lead Events/Train People: 

Lead Worship, Lead Rehearsal, Training Events (as needed down the road), Lead Gatherings, Provide Resources. 

  1. Administrative Tasks: Work with Technical Ministries, Chord Charts, Schedules, Licenses, Communications.  


Personal Christian Walk: 

  1. A trusting relationship with Jesus Christ that is clearly exhibited in the leader’s life – you just get the sense that they know God intimately 
  2. Seeks after and follows the Holy Spirit’s leading, does not walk in the fear of man, and walks in authority because he/she knows his/her identity. 


  1. Skilled Instrumentalist [preferably guitar and/or piano] – a true musician 
  2. Lead quality vocalist – a strong, listenable voice to be easily followed 
  3. Ability to bring out the best in team members  
  4. Prior experience in church or para-church worship ministry is required  
  5. Basic knowledge of sound, video, lighting, audio recording, and editing is helpful 

Spiritual Gifts and Passions: 

  1. Leadership [the ability to influence] 
  2. Servant [the heart to help others wherever is needed] 
  3. The Psalmist [one who loves to sing] 
  4. The Minstrel [one anointed to play] 
  5. The Worshipper [one who is wholly given to Another] 
  6. Is comfortable in his/her giftings and defers to others’ gifts (when possible) to help the others grow, even when the other is not as gifted.


  1. Humble, not looking for a platform but looking to serve the Kingdom of God
  2. Friendly, open, honest, seeking community, encouraging, with good chemistry on existing teams 
  3. Must be a person of integrity 
  4. Must have healthy relationships with his/her spouse and children and their support for involvement in this ministry; not enslaved to debt (except for personal residence)
  5. Must be sexually pure if single (i.e., not living with someone, not sexually active) must have 18 months at least of healing after divorce or moral failure (sexual or otherwise) with an openness to answering honest questions about their past. This is NOT for condemnation: this is to protect the leader as they step into a position of warfare. (We have had a lot of war on this team; this leader WILL be challenged) They need to be equipped and ready.
  6. Leaders are expected to participate in a small group’s shared life, personal growth, and accountability. This group need not initially be made up solely of DRC but must be one in which the leader can be open, honest, vulnerable, and with whom he/she is genuinely doing life. 
  7. We value and welcome your participation in networks like HarvestNet, or others in our region that can help you continue to gain a broad look at the Body of Christ in our area, as well as nation/world. We want you to participate in other churches' events, happenings, outreaches, etc., as well as gatherings for worship leaders. We want you to be connected with people outside your area of ministry who will walk with you shoulder to shoulder. 

Organizational Skills: 

  1. The ability to maintain a quarterly schedule for him/herself and the Worship team members 
  2. To handle details related to worship planning. 
  3. To be prepared with advanced planning in worship, using Planning Center Online. 
  4. The ability to organize and communicate clearly and consistently. 


  1. Compatibility with the doctrine of this church and support the mission and vision of the church. 

Weekly Time expectations: Half-time (15-20 hours/week)

Saturday Worship Gathering 2.5

Sunday Worship Gatherings 2.5

Twice/Monthly PrayerHouse 1.0 avg 1 hour/week (3 hours/month)

Weekly Rehearsal 2.5

Prep Work for Worship 5.5 (personal rehearsal and scoring)

Staff Meeting 1.0

Training/Mentoring 2.0

Administrative Duties 3.0


Compensation for this role is $15,000 - $20,000 for 15-20 hours per week. 

Other benefits include continuing education funds for training/coaching. 


A one-year renewable term; appointed by Matt & Nicole in consultation with the elder board (as applicable)

Directly Reports To

Nicole Given. Shall meet quarterly with Nicole Given who will support and equip the leader with what is needed to thrive. 


You must understand the importance of each of the Five Faders and be able to communicate how you flow in each, even if it’s not your strong suit. 

Priest/Producer: This is someone who is a worshipper at heart first and foremost and loves to find the moments in an arrangement that produce the most effect on the heart of the worshipper in the gathering. This person has an ear for the details of the dynamics and loves the subtleties of how the instruments (including vocals) interact with one another. This person brings out the best in a team member and challenges the team members to grow. Though a Producer, this person will flow as a Priest as they sense the Spirit moving and is willing to go “off-script” to serve the Spirit where He is leading. 

Priest/Educator: This is someone who is a worshipper at heart, who has a strong sense of what will work and flow together, asks good questions of the Lead Pastor to flow with what he is sharing, is a good communicator during rehearsal to make sure the team knows why we are doing what we are doing the way we are doing it. This person can link Scripture to what we are singing and can, as a Priest, flow into leading others to see Jesus by calling attention to what we are singing. This person has legitimate reasons for each song in the repertoire. As an Educator, this person will also flow as a Priest as they sense the Spirit moving and is willing to go “off-script” to serve the Spirit where He is leading while explaining what is happening to the gathering. 

Priest/Shepherd: a worshiper at heart, this person seeks to guide others into an encounter with Jesus. This person knows the needs of the people because he/she is involved and is sensitive to their needs, and puts their needs before his/her own in worship. This person knows how to lead others to new places and greener pastures in worship, how to war in worship, and also when to help them rest.

MUST be willing to serve without masks in an environment where most do not wear masks. 

Must be willing to honor those who wear masks and “mask up” in the gathering when personally speaking and engaging with individuals wearing masks.


The Worship Leader will encourage and nurture a team of worship leaders to stand in their gifts and flow cohesively on a team so that the body of Christ at Deep Rivers will be unhindered in meeting with King Jesus through music and other artistic and expressive forms of worship.

You will work most closely with and report directly to Nicole Given, co-Church Planter. She is responsible for overseeing the Worship Ministry, which is currently Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. In time, you will help her develop Wednesday Night PrayerHouse and bi-annual - quarterly Worship Gatherings to give the team time to lead outside of the weekend gatherings. You will also work closely with the Lead Pastor Matt Given, meet weekly with him and other volunteer staff to discuss how the weekend gathering went, and meet with him regularly to grow friendship over food. :) Finally, as needed, you will work with our volunteer AV team, adding your skills to our young team.


Matt and Nicole Given, along with their three children, were called to move from Valparaiso, IN to Hershey, PA in 2013 for Matt to take a position at Hershey Free Church. 2 ½ years later, the church restructured, and Matt’s position was eliminated. Matt and Nicole stayed at the church for an additional ten months as they sought the Lord. In January 2017, after a long fast, God confirmed His call to them to plant Deep Rivers Church. With that confirmation came provision for Matt from a foundation for a partial salary, along with Lower Dauphin Middle School agreeing to rent us space. In September 2018, with 26 volunteers, Deep Rivers Church was launched. At that time, we did not have a worship leader, so God confirmed Nicole was to lead the team with the help of the coaches from Ad Lib Music. 

For 18 months after their call and before the launch, they attended LifeWay Church in Lebanon, and their family served on the prophetic prayer teams, intercession teams, and A/V teams. They joined HarvestNet International and have Kevin Eschelman of Ephrata Community Church, Dave Hess of Christ Community Church, and Wayne Kaufman of Gates of Praise as their Accountability Team. They currently walk with two couples from Christ Community Church, who provide prayer and support to them as they seek to raise up elders in the future.  

In January of 2020, DRC began to rent the 200 S. Hanover building as a place from which to do ministry. Unfortunately, in March of 2020, Covid hit, and Lower Dauphin Middle School did not allow Deep Rivers back in. So along with the world, DRC shut down in March 2020 and felt it safe to reopen in July. 

Because this new space was smaller, DRC re-opened with two gatherings per weekend, one Saturday night and one on Sunday. In addition, DRC offered the space rent-free to Vida Life Church, a bilingual Hispanic church, who found themselves with no place to gather after their rental space was also closed due to Covid. They now meet at 11 am, after our 9 am Sunday gathering. Christian and his wife Ximena are counted as good friends and are such a great encouragement to us as we work together to reach this region. 

DRC did not reopen with Children’s Ministry, and in December of 2020, our Director of Children’s Ministry officially stepped down. We have not sought to replace her yet, partly because we’d like to make it normal for children to be in the entire gathering with us, as Vida Life does. We might change our minds as time goes on, but children are in the whole gathering with us for now. 


We have one paid staff role, Lead Pastor. He is full-time and is responsible for Shepherding, Preaching, Building Maintenance, and most administrative duties related to physical content, like mailers, worship guides, etc. He is ultimately responsible for website updates, issues with the building and most everything else associated with running a church, including volunteer recruitment for various roles.

Nicole is a volunteer and has been a Worship Leader up until this point. She is responsible for leading and shepherding the worship team, for social media, for Planning Center Online, for Visuals (lyrics) for the gatherings and events. She is also responsible for the Prophetic Prayer Team and Intercession, and last year joined a cohort in Disciple Making Movement to make disciples of DRC who will go on to make disciples. 

Laura Howell just joined us for our weekly staff meetings to bring her volunteer admin skills to the team and to create a buffer between two very opinionated Church Planters :) She’s responsible for reminding Matt of what was decided at meetings and reminding Nicole that help is on the way. She sees needs and seeks to fill them, and is great at taking initiative, which Matt and Nicole value deeply.

Troy Mouer has been our volunteer Audio guy and has handled the scheduling for the Audio Team. He has had the best working knowledge of our system but only came in when he was scheduled. Troy and his wife Angie signed on with DRC about five months before we launched, and she was our Director of Children’s ministry.

The culture of the staff has changed over the past year. Initially, Troy and Angie were on a Leadership Team with us. The four of us worked well together vision planning, dreaming, thinking through details, challenging ideas, and respecting one another’s giftings. We were very different from one another but trusted each other. About six months after Covid hit, they officially stepped down from Leadership, primarily due to the philosophy of responsibility. We felt that those who did not want to come to the in-person gathering had the freedom not to. We provided online alternatives. But we felt the real danger was to those struggling mentally and emotionally, and they needed a place to come to be with people. Troy and Angie viewed this differently, and as a result, we all agreed their stepping down from Leadership was the best thing. We’ve talked through any issues we’ve had, and they’ve continued to attend, with Troy still leading Audio/Visual. We did receive notice that they are planning to move on from DRC at the end of August. We feel honored by the way they have chosen to leave, and we bless and honor them as they go.

Matt and Nicole attempted to have staff meetings with just the two of them, but it became difficult to navigate Lead Pastor/Worship Leader hats with Husband/Wife hats. Laura joined the staff meetings and has allowed the culture to be what Matt & Nicole desired it to be: fun, collaborative, more linear, winsome. Nicole tends to be more philosophical and visionary-driven, and Matt is more task and shepherd-driven. When Christian Aguilar from Vida Life joins staff meetings occasionally, it’s pure joy. 


Currently, we have two guitarists (both vocalists), a percussionist (cajon, djembe), and a keyboardist (vocalist). In addition, we have a potential keyboardist/electric guitarist coming up.

We average about 35-40 on Saturdays and Sundays each, with about 70-75 total, our pre-Covid number. We’ve been as high as mid-50s in number and as low as just under 20.

Recent songs are Thank You Jesus For The Blood, Throne Room Song, Great I Am, No One But You, Speak O Lord (Gettys) Here For You, Raise A Hallelujah, From The Inside Out, I Will Look Up, A Mighty Fortress (Christy Nockles) Be Still, Authority.

We do sing hymns and use them like salt, often with a contemporary twist. A favorite mashup is Your Glory/Nothing But The Blood/Drenched.

We typically do 3-4 songs for the worship gathering, with an ambiance pad at the end either from keys or the sound board. The fewer songs, the more we can linger and make room for Holy Spirit to sing through or give a word to the leader. We typically spend 25-30 minutes in music. The Lead Pastor is open to it going over time if there is a moment when Holy Spirit hits and the WL feels like an activation or an exhortation needs to occur. 

We are trying to choose songs in 6-week blocks and at least 7-10 days in advance. Our goal is to have keys and lead singers planned seven days prior, and chord charts (dynamics and sequencing) at least two days before rehearsal. If a recording is needed, then we like to have those at least three days in advance. 

Those who want to lead a song are responsible for posting the keys and chord charts and have permissions in PCO and CCLI to do so. We use multi-tracks for recordings and have the expectation that team members listen. 

For the summer, we are rehearsing on Saturdays before the gathering, instead of Thursdays, due to many factors and schedules. For most, this is ideal; we do have one member who will struggle with this but is willing. She prefers a lot of advance notice for songs and more extended rehearsals. She is a classically trained pianist and struggles with modern worship music but is trying.

Typical gathering goes something like this: Welcome, prayer, worship music, break for coffee, announcements, message, application, prayer, prayer ministry.

Typical arrival for those serving at the worship gathering on Saturdays is optional 4 pm intercession for the weekend gatherings, 5 pm call for all serving including worship and a/v, 5:30 hard stop for all team prayer time, and 6 pm go time. All are free to leave after the gathering (about 7:30 pm) on Saturdays, but many stay until 9 pm or so. 

For those serving on Sundays, 8 am call for everyone, and if worship team members need to leave (work) before the gathering is over, they can if they are not a part of the end of the gathering (special music). Most stay through both gatherings.

We have an Allen Heath Zed24 analog system for our audio, and currently, we run lyrics off of Keynote from a Mac. Nicole loads all the songs onto a Keynote by Thursday that week. Then, whoever is leading worship that weekend (Nicole or Tim) will double-check the sequencing during rehearsal. We’ve purchased ProPresenter and are looking into what hardware we need to run it, and are hoping to train the Visual team on it soon. 

Our worship style is more acoustic than electric. More Housefires and All Sons and Daughters, with some United Pursuit. We are not afraid to do “big” songs in this style and work a lot with dynamics to create flow and movement. We like to celebrate, and we can be reflective. Because we have been so light on team members, we’ve had a single leader at times, but that hasn’t yet been an issue. We like to be interactive and are learning freedom in this. We have worship “ribbons” for the kids, and at times adults will bring a flag and stand in the back to wave it. Our folks like to sing, and with encouragement, people will follow the worship leader where he/she goes. We give people the freedom to stand, sit, and kneel. We are growing in the ability to hear prophetic words from the Lord and give words during worship; right now, this mostly happens from the platform by Matt or Nicole, though occasionally people do have words to share, and submit them to Matt or Nicole. On Saturday nights, we usually have kids running around, and it’s more casual with people staying late to hang out and connect, while Sunday, there is less hanging out afterward as we transition to Vida Life, but some of our folks stay for both! 

We’ve had some significant turnovers in our team lately, so rehearsals will look different from now on. For the summer and because of our team availability, we are changing our rehearsals to Saturdays at 4 pm. 

The worship leader is not necessarily the one who sings all the songs. This is part of our culture, to give others a chance to lead as they desire. However, there are expectations if one leads a song during this summer, as follows:

During the week, whoever is leading the song, sends a recording of themselves playing it to the other team member(s) for dynamics and timing. Team members are expected to listen and ask questions if needed. The song leader makes notes on Music Stand, and the team members are expected to study them and copy them over as needed. The song leader gets to choose the sequencing and arrangement. The team members practice, and at rehearsal, the song leader identifies any potential rough spots and talks through them. The leader affirms who is starting the song and how the transitions into the next song will go. It is assumed each member understands (or has asked prior) when to come in with their instrument unless the song leader has a different thought. Collaboration, inspiration, and creative ideas are welcomed and expected at rehearsal to make the song better, with deference going to the one leading it. The song is worked until each member feels they have it good enough. Before this summer, there was an expectation that the team member would go home and continue practicing the song before the gathering. 

We have had 2 hours for rehearsal and have done training with Jon Nicol and Dan Wilt material in the past. There came a time when Nicole realized the team needed more time to rehearse. When Covid hit, so much of the culture changed with folks leaving the team and the venue being completely different. Because our team has undergone so much change, we tend to be flexible and open and welcome changes to worship culture that would better foster community and growth. There is freedom here to do so. 

The worship team has been a place of war since its launch. Our worst times have been when select members decided they knew what was best for the team and gave ultimatums. Those team members have since left. Our best times have been seeing younger team members grow in their gifts and abilities and playing together in a worship circle style rehearsal, just jamming. In between, there has been so much change and transition, a change of venue and audio system, not to mention quarantine and differing comfort levels with being around others during a pandemic. Because of some recent stresses on the team, with one key member leaving for the air force and two others struggling with mental illness, it’s been challenging to say the least. But a new key member just joined, and with hope, another one will in a few weeks, and they both bring with them servants hearts, creativity, and the pure joy of just playing together. 

What is the pastor’s vision for the worship gathering? What is a “win”?

Pastor’s direct quote: “People connecting to God and each other.”

Some of our best-loved songs are New Wine, Raise A Hallelujah, Yes and Amen, Build My Life, Graves into Gardens, Be Still.

When communion is served, the worship leader/team usually plays to underscore what Matt is saying and plays while the people eat.

We are a church serious about prayer and living with a mission in our community. Find out more at deeprivers.church.

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