Jun 09, 2021

Faith Christian Academy High School Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

$13.50 hourly
  • Faith Bible Chapel International
  • Arvada, CO, USA
Part time Administrative

Job Description

Days/Hours Scheduled: Works Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM (school year only, summers off)


The FCHS Receptionist/Administrative Assistant is often the first impression of the school to anyone entering the building or communicating by phone.  In addition to staffing the front desk at the High School, the FCHS Receptionist/Administrative Assistant tracks HS student attendance throughout the day and is available to perform duties assigned by the FCHS Principal in relation to the smooth running of the HS Office and Campus. 


First and foremost, the FCHS Receptionist/Administrative Assistant must have a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.  The FCHS Receptionist/Administrative Assistant needs to be a detail-oriented multi-tasker who can complete tasks during interruptions.  The FCHS Receptionist/Administrative Assistant must have strong oral communication and public relation skills and will need to be proficient in various computer software applications including, but not limited to, Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Office 365 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Answer incoming phone calls, taking messages and transferring to voice mail as needed.
  • Greeting parents, students, and visitors who enter the building and directing visitors to their desired destination.
  • Schedule substitute teachers when needed.  Keep records on all substitute teaching hours and submit the staff absence report every pay period.  Record in-house sub pay in Excel.
  • Track attendance which includes making sure teachers are taking attendance each class period, tracking absent students, late arrivals/tardies and unexcused absences. Follow up on unexcused absences for the day via phone call or e-mail to parents/guardians. Track attendance records in FACTS.
  • Record medical or student activity in FACTS.
  • Prepare coupons for absences and tardies to give to students at the beginning of each semester. Theses coupons and be used to clear excused absences and tardies.
  • Near the conclusion of each quarter, post student absence and tardy data.
  • At the end of each quarter/semester give an absence and tardy report to Registrar & Guidance Counselor.
  • Work under the direction of the School Nurse to provide basic First Aide as needed and administer medications as directed by the School Nurse (CPR and First Aide training is required every 2 years).
  • Work with the School Nurse to secure proper immunization records for HS students.
  • Distribute inner- office mail and postal mail.
  • Assist teachers and students with office equipment.
  • Troubleshoot and or call for assistance on office equipment/machines that need repair or supplies.
  • Order paper and office supplies.
  • Order books and other necessary purchases for the classrooms (teachers must provide the order information).  Collect book inventories at the conclusion of each school year and coordinate any needed rebinds.
  • Train and assign duties to student aides.
  • Submit original invoices to the FCHS Principal.  When they are returned, make two copies -  one for the teacher and one to be kept in for record keeping.
  • Enter campus information in FACTS for new students (and any changes appropriately).
  • Ring manual bells when needed.
  • Coordinate the completion of graduation request forms (distributed to students via senior Bible teachers in January).
  • Prepare and run the PowerPoint presentation for graduation.
  • Assist with set-up for Graduation.
  • Work with the Administrative Assistant to the FCHS Principal to plan the graduation reception.
  • Facilitate FCHS teacher check-out at the end of each school year.
  • From teacher check-out lists, fill out work orders for summer repairs or painting and submit to maintenance.
  • Prepare annual Senior & Junior forms
  • Assist the Administrative Assistant to the FCHS Principal with teacher in-service details and Back-to-School Night
  • Stamp and number all new books “Property of FCHS”. Have books ready to go before teacher in-service.
  • Check desks in the classroom to be sure there are enough desks in each room, remove broken desks, and help teachers with bookshelves, filing cabinets, and desks as needed. 

Success of this position:

This position’s success will be measured by the overall level of positive atmosphere in the FCHS office and the establishment of a healthy team attitude.  Success will also be measured by how smooth the school year begins and the overall smooth operation of office functions throughout the school year. 

Measuring progress:

  • Regular communication with FCHS Principal and their Administrative Assistant.
  • Review of parent, student, and teacher feedback regarding support provided by the FCHS office.
  • Annual summative review with the FCHS Principal



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