Apr 07, 2021

Christian Head of School

$75,000 - $90,000 yearly
  • Vail Christian Academy
  • 31621 Hwy 6, Edwards, CO
Full time Administrative Education K-12 School Jobs Nonprofit Christian School

Job Description


VCA is seeking a Head of School with the primary responsibility of leading the school by hiring and maintaining highly effective teachers; developing and improving strong curriculum; and creating alignment of the faculty, families, and supporters around the vision and mission of the school. The Head of School position reports directly to the school board of directors



instructional Leadership:

  • Maintains and communicates the vision of Christian education to the faculty, staff, and parents
  • Conducts formal classroom observations and evaluations of faculty and staff
  • Approves and evaluates the curriculum areas of the school, continually assessing key areas of needs and growth
  • Conducts regular faculty and staff meetings


Spiritual Leadership:

  • Maintains personal Bible study and application
  • Encourages faculty, staff and students to grow spiritually by his/her example
  • Maintains fellowship at a local church that maintains the same doctrinal beliefs as VCA


Faculty and Administration Leadership and Relations:

  • Organizes and executes an effective plan for recruiting, hiring and assignment of faculty and staff
  • Maintains current job descriptions and evaluation procedures for faculty and staff
  • Delegates responsibility as appropriate to administration, faculty and staff
  • Monitors staff morale and helps develop clear, open communication
  • Keeps faculty and staff informed of all pertinent information regarding school business and plans
  • Maintain school


Family and Supporter Relations:

  • Communicates overall vision and direction of the school regularly
  • Provides monthly information with regards to school strategy, execution and financial performance
  • Understands and communicates the needs of the school
  • Follows and promotes the philosophy of the school and works actively to prevent drifting from the mission


School Board Relationships:

  • Supports board policies and decisions
  • Proposes effective policies and changes to policy when needed
  • Keeps the board informed of relevant issues of the school
  • Performs and contributes on various committees when required
  • Acts as an effective liaison between the board and faculty



  • Pursues professional and personal development through continuing education programs
  • Maintains high standards of personal ethics
  • Sets high professional and spiritual examples for faculty and staff
  • Understands and communicates key issues and opportunities for strategy and technology advancement



  • Supervises the day-to-day operations of the school
  • Maintains discipline of students and faculty
  • Monitors the needs of the school program and solves problems promptly
  • Maintains strict financial controls and operates within approved budgets
  • Supervises an efficient, effective system of information and records control
  • Organizes and supervises various additional programs and events of the school
  • Maintains comprehensive enrollment and re-enrollment plans for the school
  • Fosters and maintains proper relations with local churches and pastors
  • Oversees effective marketing and development plans for the school



  • Student enrollment and re-enrollment numbers and trends
  • Student achievement
  • Qualified faculty and staff retention
  • Financial performance within approved budget
  • Fundraising - Key donor relationships
  • Faculty and staff performance review planning and execution
  • Timing, accuracy and communication of strategic initiatives and plans
  • Peer and supervisory performance evaluations and feedback



  • A passionate love for the Lord and a desire to serve in educational ministries
  • University graduation - Master Degree preferred
  • Leadership experience that has developed skill competencies in school administration
  • Proven success with strategic planning and organizational development in a school setting
  • Demonstrates ability to effectively manage and direct a diverse faculty and staff, multiple priorities and tight time constraints
  • Ability to maintain a compassionate spirit with firm resolve when needed
  • A functional knowledge of office organization, financial management and human resource assessment
  • Exhibit excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication techniques

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