Mar 26, 2021

Facilities Manager

$35,000 - $45,000 yearly
  • Maryville Christian School
  • Maryville, TN, USA
Full time Facilities Installation-Maintenance-Repair Christian School

Job Description


Job Description

Job Title:  Facilities Manager


This position will report to the Head of School.  Under general supervision, this position will perform or oversee all activities related to the cleaning and maintenance of the buildings and grounds, including the maintenance of all equipment related to cleaning and maintenance.


  • Associate degree or equivalent experience and 3-5 years’ experience in industrial maintenance.
  • Be a born-again Christian who is growing in his/her relationship to Christ.
  • Adhere to the Statement of Faith and the Biblical Lifestyle Statement of Maryville Christian School.
  • Maintain active membership in an evangelical church. Continually seek ways to further his/her spiritual growth through regular church attendance, Bible studies, etc.
  • Demonstrate the qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control, perseverance, punctuality, organization, and professionalism.
  • Have a passion for serving God in the context of Christian education and pray regularly for students, parents, and staff.
  • Able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Respectfully submit to and be loyal to constituted authority.

General Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings, planning sessions, and discussions as required by the Head of School.
  • Contribute to the team effort of the faculty and staff to best meet the needs of the overall student body by praying regularly for students, faculty, and staff and incorporating Biblical principles in all relationships and tasks throughout the daily routine.  Follow the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with conflicts with students, parents, staff, and administration.
  • Maintain a strict level of confidentiality of information regarding students and staff.
  • Maintain a professional attitude.
  • Contribute to the continuing high morale among all MCS faculty, staff, and students.
  • Develop and maintain cooperative and courteous relationships with faculty, staff, students, administrators, parents, and the general public so as to project a Christian image and maintain good will toward the school.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plan and organize a daily work routine for maintenance staff to prioritize completion of work in accordance with sound time-management methodology and avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Estimate expected time of completion of elements of work and establish a personal schedule accordingly.  Implement work activity in accordance with priorities and estimated schedules.
  • Perform and/or oversee tasks associated with the day-to-day cleaning and maintenance operations of the school building and grounds.
  • Keep the building in good repair and all systems operating properly.
  • Perform planned preventative maintenance activities on a regular schedule and ensure that the preventative maintenance job log is completed as scheduled.
  • Ensure that the building and grounds meet all codes related to health, safety, and sanitation.
  • Maintain contact with the fire marshal, Department of Health officials, and other inspectors.
  • Handle day-to-day building needs and emergencies on a 24-hour basis.
  • Oversee cleaning of the building.  Supervise cleaning crew or oversee the exercise of an external cleaning contract, if appropriate.
  • Keep and maintain all drawings, schematics, and diagrams of the buildings and grounds in a safe and accessible place.
  • Supervise all other maintenance staff, including temporary workers and outside contractors on campus.
  • Provide input into the development of the facilities budget.  Obtain approval for all expenditures over $500.
  • Maintain a Google calendar for facilities rental and usage as well as any other planned activity on the grounds to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Inside Maintenance
    • Respond to work orders and complete repairs that cannot be closed by the assistant.
    • Maintain and troubleshoot HVAC systems.  Make simple repairs as needed (repairs not requiring freon can be done in-house).
    • Determine when to contact outside vendors for repair if the issue is outside scope of experience.
    • Have a working knowledge of electrical house wiring to be able to safely repair/add electrical circuits as needed by school growth or component failure.
    • Oversee stripping and resurfacing of VCT flooring for summer maintenance.
    • Oversee screening and recoating of the gym wood floor for summer maintenance.
    • Maintain and repair mechanical devices used in the school (i.e., floor scrubber, high-speed propane burnisher, vacuum cleaners, pencil sharpeners, laminators, portable AC units, etc.)
  • Outside Maintenance
    • Oversee mowing, landscaping, and other activities related to grounds maintenance.
    • Maintain all machinery related to maintenance, including preventative maintenance, as well as repair of failed units.
    • Repair small engines, zero-turn mowers, pump equipment, and paint spraying devices.
    • Stripe gravel parking lots yearly.
  • Athletic Fields Maintenance
    • Plan maintenance schedule and upkeep of all athletic fields based on schedule from the athletic director.
    • Perform or oversee mowing of fields.
    • Stripe and lay out fields at the start of each season.
    • Create and assist in the implementation of a yearly maintenance schedule of preventative work on all fields (fertilization, aeration, weeding, seeding, etc.).
    • Maintain irrigation systems and service work on irrigation systems as needed.

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