Aug 26, 2020

Learning Needs Specialist

$20,000 - $30,000 yearly
  • Morrison Academy, Taiwan
  • Taiwan
Full time Christian Teacher

Job Description

869 Learning Specialist

Responsible To: Principal
Goal: Organize interventions for struggling students who are not meeting their academic potential, particularly in reading and math.

  1. Seek, by personal example, to inspire students and staff in Christian faith and living.
  2. Assist parents and teachers in understanding the learning needs of students needing extra support to meet classroom expectations and in understanding how to modify or accommodate for individual learning needs. Observe and evaluate these students and keep documentation about findings of observations.
  3. Organize and lead intervention team and ARD meetings.
  4. Monitor student progress when interventions are implemented.
  5. Assist teachers, principals and others to identify and serve students with identified special needs,
  6. Work collaboratively with parents and staff to determine the need for intervention and assist in developing an ILP, as needed.
  7. Assist teachers and principals in annually reviewing ILPs, as needed.
  8. Provide pull-out and inclusion instructional services according to the ILPs.
  9. Assure that all special needs intervention team and ARD files are kept organized and confidential as defined in LN procedures (281 & 283).
  10. Arrange for Psychologist and System Diagnostician visits at your site. Oversee referrals, including narrowing the number of students to be tested in order to make the best utilization of the Psychologist and System Diagnostician.
  11. Stay current on issues concerning special education.
  12. Notify the Cashier of all new admissions and exits from the LN program and the applicable LN fees.


  1. Demonstrate a continuing sense of God’s direction in working at Morrison Academy
  2. Teaching certificate in special education required

Work Requirements:

  1. 40 hours per week minimum, based on a 5-day week.
  2. Teacher workdays as specified on the school calendar.
  3. Voluntary involvement in co-curricular activities is encouraged and needed.

Salary range: See current Morrison Academy Expatriate Personnel Handbook.

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