Mar 19, 2020

Primary Careworker (Male)

$25,000 yearly
  • The Dale House Project
  • 7 West Dale Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Full time Mission Jobs Social Work

Job Description

Are you interested in a career in ministry? A year of service at the Dale House project teaches valuable lessons as you prepare for careers in church leadership, human services, and/or nonprofit management.

The Dale House Project serves at-risk youth in an intentional Christian community, preparing residents for independent living as adults.  As a primary careworker, you provide mentorship, accountabilty, and support as youth develop habits and resources for their transition to the broader community. 

The primary careworker year includes a program of training in topics related to theology and ministry, trauma-informed care, serving at-risk populations, and more.  Operating for over 40 years, the Dale House Project program has been developed by ordained pastors, licensed counselors and social workers, and more. 

The Dale House brings on eight primary careworkers each year, working in a team environment with housing provided on the Dale House campus. Our capacity for female applicants is now full, so we are focusing on hiring male staff.  This is a full-time position with benefits, including nighttime and daytime responsibilities.

Summary of Responsibilities


  • Support residents' weekly schedules and goals, including work, education, and support-building activities. Update schedules as needed.  
  • Communicate with Educational/Vocational Coordinator about school status, progress, homework, emancipation assignments and follow through with primaries.   
  • Read and sign each assigned resident’s individual treatment plans when completed. On a monthly basis, review long-term and short-term goals listed and date/initial upon completion.
  • Monitor the dispensation and record keeping for medications for residents (must become certified to administer medications).
  • Solicit financial gifts from your supporters for a portion of your salary.

Supervision of Residents

  • Meet weekly with assigned primary residents to discuss weekly treatment issues. 
  • Be proactive, creative, engaging with all residents when on duty.
  • Interact and communicate with various youth service agencies, teachers, probation officers, care workers, GAL (guardian ad litem), etc., in an appropriate and professional manner.
  • Dale House Policies and Procedures are to be carried out with all residents consistently.
  • Create a hospitable, friendly atmosphere for residents and guests alike.

Transitional Apartments

  • Continue supervision of assigned youth while in an apartment.
  • Assist Residential Supervisor with orienting residents to the apartment, including expectations.
  • Coordinate budget, menu planning, and shopping with resident and Educational/Vocational Coordinator.
  • Communicate regularly with residents’ Transition Specialist regarding residents’ progress and status.


  • Participate in all classes, groups, and in-service training sessions designed specifically for Primary Care Workers.
  • Meet bi-weekly and as needed with Residential Supervisor for a supervisory session.


  • Lead devotional times with staff on a rotating, scheduled basis.
  • Speak at Sunday family night a minimum of one time during the year.
  • Maintain a role that is consistent with our Christian faith.


  • Be involved in the Dale House community.
  • Participate in 'All-Staff' events, including the fall bike trip and winter camping.
  • Write support letters and raise funding from your support network as you serve at the Dale House. 

Note:  There is a requirement for Primary Care Workers to live in DHP provided housing.

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