Dec 10, 2019

Staffing Specialist

  • JAARS, Inc.
Part time Human Resources

Job Description

Target Staff Type     Supported/Volunteer
Work Location     JAARS Waxhaw
FTE     0.500

Position Summary

The staffing specialist is responsible for working to fill JAARS departmental position needs with qualified staff.

Position Responsibilities

• Engage skilled inquirers to fill open positions across the campus
• Respond to requests for information about serving as a volunteer
• Interview prospective staff (volunteer, paid, or supported)
• Evaluate applicants for suitability and job possibilities
• Check references
• Refer to the current JAARS vacancies, but also consult with department heads concerning staffing needs
• Look for ways to advertise the need for staff
• Assist with new staff on-boarding
• Evaluate successes and failures in the program and seek ways to improve it

Position Requirements

• A deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal spiritual growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
• Embraces the vision, mission, and core values of JAARS
• Able to work in Microsoft Word and Google
• Willing to learn additional computer skills
• Enjoys working with people
• Good communicator
• Follows through on details

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