Oct 31, 2019

Resident Missionary House Mother

  • Christina's House
  • Christina's House, Madison Avenue, Springfield, MA, USA
Full time Missionary

Job Description



This is a live-in position. The Resident Missionary Person(s) (RMP) will report to the Executive Director. The House Mother will be provided with a private space by Christina’s House.  The RMP will provide a consistent and loving environment for the program participant women and their children. This person(s) will ensure that program participants are following basic program rules and provide Christ-centered love, support and guidance, as needed. The RMP will exemplify the presence of the Holy Spirit and love of Christ in all required responsibilities of the position.


  • Provide a welcoming environment for each family and integrate the families into the house routines and activities.
  • Works with the Program Manager to interview and select Program Participants as openings occur.
  • Adheres to all program guidelines and agency policies governing CH.
  • Demonstrates consistent awareness and commitment to the CH mission.
  • Teaches the letter and spirit of the rules and regulations contained in the Christina’s House (CH) handbook to the program participant mothers and their children.
  • Will exercise individual judgement and initiative in responding to situations not covered in the rules and regulations of the CH handbook.
  • Supports the Program Manager in following through any change in or new policies implemented.
  • Works collaboratively with the Program Manager to schedule and organize the individual and communal activities of the Program Participant mothers and their children.
  • Ensures that Program Participant mothers and their children are completing required daily tasks and chores.
  • Ensures Program Participant mothers and their children are following curfew and performs frequent house checks throughout the day. Rounds should be made in the morning after everyone leaves for work and at night to ensure that lights are off and the house is secure.
  • Will share in google docs all submitted requests for overnight stays and past curfew requests at least 48 hours before the day the Program Participant has requested.
  • Enters any issues pertaining to each Program Participant family into google docs
  • Assists with meal planning and helping to promote healthy and nutritious eating habits for the families. This includes ensuring families eat at a regularly scheduled time each night and encouraging all mothers and children to eat together.
  • Will have consistent fellowship with the resident families as well as cook and participate in in at least one meal each week with the Program Participant mothers and their children.
  • Helps coordinate childcare for the program participant’s children for days of fellowship, respite needs, or school vacation. Reports any scheduled childcare to the Program Manager for approval.
  • Facilitates creating an environment that is conducive to skill building, role modeling, improving self-esteem and life skills, household organization, personal care and relationship building.
  • Attends program classes as able.
  • Reports any donations to the Program Manager who will work with the House Mother to distribute to Program Participant mothers and/or children as necessary.
  • Willingness to be present and participate in fundraisers, open houses, and volunteer meetings throughout the year.
  • Supports the Program Manager in other house-related activities upon request.

Physical Demands/Working Environment

  • Will require periods of driving to obtain food from pantries and farms shares, obtaining program supplies, or program participant needs/requests.
  • Light to moderate lifting and moving/carrying household objects and donations.
  • Must be able to walk up and down several flights of stairs

Compensation and Benefits:

  • The House Mother is provided with a living space within the CH residence.
  • The House Mother may be absent from the program for up to one night per week, plus two weeks of vacation per year. The RMP will work with the Program Manager to get advance approval for time requested and determining if coverage is needed.
  • Groceries needed in an amount up to $100 will be purchased for the House Mother each week.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Must be a follower of Christ with a layman’s understanding of His teachings.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Preferred experience working with women and children
  • Must have a current valid driver’s license, access to reliable transportation and valid auto insurance.
  • Background check with satisfactory results and in adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Demonstrates superior leadership skills.
  • Effective communicator; verbally and in writing.
  • Able to effectively support the Program Manager in carrying out discipline within CH.
  • Exercises sound judgement in determining when to operate under individual, autonomous discretion; and when to refer matters to the Program Manager.

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