Sep 12, 2019

Associate Director of Global Development

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Full time Fund Raising

Job Description

Associate Director

Global Development

The World Evangelical Alliance


 Associate Director of Global Development

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is in search of a person to initiate and oversee its International Office which assists National Alliances and WEA’s Task Forces and Commissions in development. This opportunity blends the global work of the WEA with donors whose interests match both vision and strategies. This position is currently open.

WEA and Its Mission
The World Evangelical Alliance is a global network of some 130 National Alliances, seven Regional Alliances, and a dozen Task Forces and Commissions. National Alliances, raised up and led by indigenous leaders in their respective countries, serve the body of Christ by uniting Evangelicals in common purpose, and addressing needs related to their national issues.

  • When a government inflames religious nationalism, the Alliance becomes a representing voice before governments and courts.
  • In the face of an oppressive religious majority, it initiates an international response.
  • In times of competitive action among churches, it nurtures unity in prayer and common witness.
  • In times of crisis, it serves as facilitator of volunteers and funds.
  • In concern for the spiritual well-being of its civic society, an Alliance will lead in concerted prayer and public engagement towards national renewal.

 Because a National Alliance’s vision is shaped and driven by the gifting, passion and ability of its leaders, WEA’s focus is to help facilitate them to lead their country in Christ-honoring and transforming ways.

 This historic community of Evangelicals, formed in 1846, in refreshing its vision and recalibrating its organization, is on the edge of ministry and service such as it has never known.

 Key to its renewed vision and contending strategies is the building of a community of support that will fund the central global office and underwrite its advocacy of Christians trapped in places of restriction and persecution. In addition, it supports the Global Institute of Leadership, enables WEA’s central communication platform of connectivity and information, assists its Task Forces and Commissions and empowers leadership in the sustainable funding of Regional and National Evangelical Alliances.

Qualifications, opportunities and Responsibilities

This person will have uncommon skills in recruiting donor support both to help countries build a national supporting base for their core ministry and in identifying and mobilizing donor support for international projects and initiatives.  

They will be a self-starter, comfortable on the world stage. The person will know well the field of fundraising and have had extensive experience in cross-cultural and international fundraising. They will have been personally successful in fundraising. They will be passionate about helping others. They will be committed to fundraising as a calling and vocation. They will understand the biblical call to generosity. They will be skilled in involving others in the task and effective at communicating the mission and vision to donors and prospective donors.

Purpose of the Position

The Associate Director of Global Development (AD) will oversee two initiatives. It needs to be clear that in the carrying out of these primary tasks, the AD will be responsible to be front-line in fundraising to enable these two facets of global development.

  • enable National Alliances in building indigenous support. They will work with and help train national leaders in constructing plans and initiatives to raise funds for their core operational budgets.
  • set up and manage an International coordinating desk to assist Regional and National Alliances, task forces, commissions shape proposals and locate funding sources, to assist in fulfilling the mandate of the WEA.

The person we look for is passionate about the witness of Christ in the world, experienced and skilled in fundraising and in developing and managing fundraising programs and ministries, wanting to work in a collegial mission and desirous of serving in a global community.


Reports to: The Director of Global Development on vision and mission, outcomes, strategy, finances and administrative matters. As part of the senior leadership, the Associate Director of Development will have access to WEA’s leadership to facilitate donor interest and support, all the while recognizing the importance of team work and of being a vital link in its messaging and communications.

Overall Responsibilities

  • To be skilled in training and motivating leadership in building indigenous support
  • To fundraise for grants to enable National Alliances in indigenous funding
  • To align donor interests with Regional and National Alliance projects
  • To align donor interests with initiatives of WEA’s Task Forces and Commissions
  • To understand and communicate ministries of the WEA
  • To assist in the design of fundraising strategies for Regional and National Alliances, WEA’s Commissions and Task Forces
  • To build connections with the donor community
  • To understand that this assignment envisions the leaving of a legacy in which this ministry continues with strength and vitality, built on a healthy and funding community who in faith and global vision, care for its financial wellbeing

These responsibilities will include:

Raising funds to enable national funding of Alliances

Mobilizing and training National Alliances in raising indigenous support

Working with foundations and donors to invest in projects and initiatives matching interest with need and opportunity

Recruiting new donors

Engaging donors in visiting development projects


Spiritual: A committed follower of Jesus Christ, acquainted with the Evangelical community and can affirm the WEA’s Statement of Faith

Relationships: Able to work well with a cross-cultural team

Fundraising Experience: Minimum of 10 years fundraising experience and significant experience in executive leadership and international development

International Experience: Considerable international involvement in ministry and development

Education: it is preferred the person have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with knowledge and proven experience in fundraising management

Technical: Familiar with software and computers


The global office of WEA is located near Chicago Illinois. Residence of the Associate Director of Global Development is not critical, but their access to donor communities is required.


Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience and proven ability. A designated gift is underwriting the first few years of this position.

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