Jul 29, 2019

Part-Time Pastor - Mt.Pleasant Christian Church of Hall (Indiana)

$18,000 - $22,000 yearly
  • Mt. Pleasant Christian Church of Hall
  • 5830 W Hurt Rd, Monrovia, IN, USA
Part time Church

Job Description

Mt. Pleasant Christian Church of Hall

5830 W. Hurt Rd

Monrovia, IN 46157



Part-Time Minister Job Description

(Consideration will also be given to those seeking a full-time position)

Direct email inquiries to: hallchurchpulpitcomm@gmail.com


The primary responsibility of the Minister at Mt. Pleasant Christian Church is to develop and deliver Spirit-led, Bible-based, life-applicable sermons that teach the infallible Word of God with relevance and significance while passionately challenging the Church Body to be transformed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of the Lord.

Our minister will have a passion for Jesus Christ and the duties of pastoral ministry, as well as the nurturing of the spiritual growth of the Church to enable the Church to minister to our community and beyond. Our minister will be a person who intentionally and diligently seeks a vital, intimate, and growing relationship with Jesus, be a student of the scriptures, and a person of prayer. The minister’s love for Jesus should permeate all areas of their life and serve as a powerful example as they lead, love, and shepherd the Church Body and the community (1Peter 5:2-3), as well as “Set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.” 1Timothy 4:12.

General Responsibilities:

The minister will provide leadership in the spiritual life of the Church. The primary responsibility will be to preach and teach the Word of God and provide vision and inspirational direction to the Church and the community. The minister will work with the Elders to accomplish the mission of the church to win people to faith in Jesus Christ such that they experience His unwavering grace and seek to know and do His will, and to work for the unity of all Christians, and with them, engage in the building the Kingdom of God.

With the direction of the Word and the Holy Spirit, the Minister will work with the Elders and the Church Board, ministry leaders, and lay people to carry out the following objectives:

  1. Design, organize, and secure leadership and program materials for Sunday Worship.
  2. Exercise a ministry of shepherding and discipleship of the leadership of the church and lead them in shepherding the Church while developing leadership at all levels with the objective to build up believers in love and equip them for personal discipleship and ministry.
  3. Assist with coordination and participation in a visitation program that includes discipleship and shepherding.
  4. Promote Christian education programs for all age groups.




Personal Responsibilities of the Minister:

  1. Report to the Board of Elders and be accountable and work closely with them to set the direction of the church’s ministry.
  2. Personally fill the pulpit for Sunday morning services approximately 90% of the year. This allows time for vacations, special services, and guest speakers.
  3. Scheduling sermons for each Sunday throughout the year.
  4. Represent Christ and the Mt. Pleasant Christian Church in special community projects and activities with the best interest of Christ and the Church.
  5. Attend team meetings of various church ministries as appropriate to establish and maintain support and communication.
  6. Perform the following duties, as needed, associated with the calling of ministry:
    1. Coordinate the audio-visual, computer, and worship teams for Sunday service
    2. Assist with Vacation Bible School
    3. Baptisms


Additional Responsibilities of a Full-Time minister:

  1. Assist in coordinating, and participating in visitation programs including to, but not limited to:
    1. Evangelism
    2. Visitor Follow-up
    3. Hospital Calls
    4. Bereavement
    5. Funerals
  2. Perform or coordinate the following activities:
    1. Teach Sunday School Classes
    2. Produce a monthly calendar that keeps the Church informed of programs and activities
    3. Produce a weekly bulletin for the Sunday service
    4. Maintain a church prayer list
    5. Provide biblical counseling for adults and their families and make referrals to qualified Christian Counselors when necessary
    6. Proofread and approve all materials distributed with the Mt. Pleasant Christian Church name on it
    7. Maintain good communication with the church leadership, congregation, and community through the use of phone, email, letters, and social media outlets


About Us:


The Mt. Pleasant Christian Church of Hall was established on October 21, 1832 in the town of Hall; a small farming community in southwest central Indiana. We are a non-denominational Christian Church. Only 5 different ministers have shepherded our church since 1970. Many of us are members of families that have lived in the community for generations, and many of us were drawn here by loved ones, work, or the beauty of God’s country. We are old and young and long time and new Christians. Sunday service attendance has varied from an approximate average of 120 in the past to an average of approximately 45 recently. We seek a minister who is inspired by the Holy Spirit to provide captivating biblically based messages that appeal to a wide range of people with the objective of winning souls to Christ to enable us to better serve our community and beyond.




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