Jul 06, 2019

Office Manager

  • The Citylight Church
  • Chicago, IL, USA
Part time Administrative

Job Description



Reports to Resident Pastor with dotted lines to Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor, LDC COO.


This position is responsible for :

building and growing a team of individuals and to  develop innovative systems to manage the business responsibilities of the CityLight Church and The Life Development Center. 

-performing duties that will support the execution, effectiveness and efficiency of the ministry operations of the Church Office and departments also for the sister organization, The CityLight Life Development Center.

-managing the processing, recording, and reporting of all financial transactions including but not limited to donor receipts and tracking, procurement, payroll) of The CityLight Church and The CityLight Life Development Center. Furthermore, all activity in this position will be in accordance with GAAP and IRS regulations for a charitable organization.

-a hourly part-time position. 20 hours per week.

Staff Member Covenant 

Sign and adhere to the staff member covenant annually


  • Office Operations Management 
  • Facilities Management and Designs
  • Sanctuary Keeping (Management)
  • Finance (Management)
  • Human Resources for Dream Team (Management) 
  • Information Technology( Management) 
  • Legal
  • Life Development Center (Capacity Building) 

Office Management

  • Reporting 


  1. Compile annual external board of director report due Ist week of January 
  2. Compile of the Church annual  vision. Due 2nd week of January 
  3. Send annual report to Secretary of State. Due February 
  4. Mail LDC form 990 due in January 
  5. Complete the church annual insurance update  at 2 weeks before anniversary date
  6. Complete the registration of church vehicles (if any) at least 2 weeks before due date
  7. Provide w9s of vendors to finance department in January due Ist week of January 
  8. Record and file the external board anchor minutes  
  9. Send gifts to Board of Directors in November

Weekly reports 

  1. Compile Church Attendance report and other Metrics
    1. CitiCare - Guest Reception (          )
    2. CitiTech - (Message upload,                )
    3. CitiHost - (Attendance,                  )
    4. Social Media Updates

  1. Prayer requests report
  2. GQ leaders report (prepared by Discipleship team)
  3. Record and distribute the weekly anchor minutes  
  4. Represent Ministry Operations Director in the anchor meeting and presenting weekly Ministry Operations Reports

Monthly Reports

  1. Compile Church Attendance report and other Metrics
    1. Website Updates
    2. LDC Monthly Giving Report

Quarterly reports  

  1. Compile quarterly church reports to partners to be sent out 1st week following the quarter. Templates will be designed in coordination with ministry operations team lead
  2. Compile and present  quarterly church progress reports to internal board for the purpose of celebration and refining progress toward the annual vision. Due on the first Anchor meeting of each quarter 

  1. Scheduling
  2. Leading the planning and compilation of church annual calendar in October for upcoming year and distribution of calendar in December
  3. Scheduling and monitoring the use of church properties: building, bus, tools and other properties through monthly walkthroughs of the building
  4. Notifying at the Anchor meeting of upcoming scheduled events ahead of time 

  1. Office Management 
  2. Mail collection, distribution and filling as appropriate 
  3. Monitor and order inventory of office and facility supplies church as printer cartridges, paper, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, flyers, offering envelopes, annual appreciation gifts etc. Receive and respond to requests from departments for supplies as appropriate working with the finance department and director of ministry operations  etc 
  4. Keep and monitor all staff scheduled office hours ensuring that there’s adequate building coverage.
  5. Maintain an orderly document filing and retrieval system including manuals, warranties, contracts, employee and volunteer files  etc
  6. Has custody of the church keys, duplicating, giving them to approved individuals and retrieving them when approval is rescinded
  7. Work with Director of Ministry Operations in developing, providing and updating policies, manuals, task checklists etc to  staff and volunteer in the office. 
  8. Convene and send reminders for all administrative meetings including anchor, boards of directors meetings etc. 
  9. Coordinate  facility management and cleaning departments 
  10. Conduct background screening and provide  orientation for new staff
  11. Ensure that the church notice boards, wall signs are appropriate and up-to-date. All notices must be approved. 

  1. Correspondence  

  1. Work with church vendors, food vendors, suppliers and contractors to ensure proper documentation such as  w9s, contracts and invoices 
  2. Ensure up to date communication with water, gas and electricity, Internet, security, insurance, contractors, government bodies such as fire department, police, building permit and inspection department, secretary of states, business registration,   etc as needed, ensuring compliance with all requirements 
  3. Acts as the church official liaison with community partners such as schools and other organizations 
  4. Respond to correspondence with the input of the Director of Ministry Operations 
  5. Send events and communication emails as needed through constant contact 
  6. Oversee the  management of LightPoint rentals working with selected marketers, renters and custodians 
  7. Coordinate the booking of external rental facilities for CityLight external events such as retreat places, other church facilities, hotels, car rentals, flights, conference registration etc
  8. Correspond with guest ministers to obtain appropriate information for the file and for the protocol team, also preparing the appreciation letters for these guests 
  9. Answering and handling of calls made to the central office extension and responding, re-directing or taking messages as appropriate 
  10. Attend certain community meetings on behalf of the church as directed by the Lead Pastor

  1. Events Planning & Rentals

  1. Coordinate the planning of the annual retreat, external board of director's meeting and the annual volunteer appreciation event
  2. Provide facilities support for services and special events arrangements (apart from regular services and program of organization); and ensure after event follow- up. 
  1. Seek out bids from prospective renters of facility space through online website, Eventup
  2. Communicate rental requests and rental price to Church Administrator
  3. Use of the online Space Rental Inquiry form is available on website. Facility users are expected to complete online form giving minimum of 2 weeks’ notice in the filled form.
  4. Form should first be approved by the pastor in charge  for endorsement
  5. Submitted to office management for approval and allocation of space for them
  6. Make photocopy of form and send copies to management services and security respectively
  7. Confirm other event from the weekly Sunday bulletin for proper planning
  8. Weekly compilation of facility users and venue for distribution to all concerned.
  9. Get facility ready (cleaned, light on, sound e.t.c) for the facility user.
  10. Cleaners would be available after the event to clear the after effect of the event.
  11. Determine staff members on duty for each event
  12. Ensure that all spaces are locked and secured during events
  13. inspection of facilities after every event to ensure that the hall is returned to original state after each event

F- Facilities Management and Stage Design

Builds and Works with the sanctuary keeping team and facilities maintenance department to ensure that all scheduled maintenance and repairs, cleaning etc  are done 

G- Life Development Center

Maintain and develop the systems for greater capacity building. This includes the development of the administrative, instructional, operational, volunteer and funding system etc

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