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Job Description

Compass Rose Academy Job Description
White’s Residential & Family Services

Job Title: Houseparent

Department: Compass Rose Academy

Employment Status: Full-time/ Regular/ Non-Exempt

Qualifications: A Christian with strong convictions who is also in agreement with White’s mission statement, Statement of Faith, and Code of Conduct. This person must be 21 years of age and a Bachelor’s degree preferred; must possess a current driver’s license with a positive driving record. The employee must be a positive role model for residents, a great team player, athletic, have a servant heart, and be willing to share their faith. Must demonstrate sensitivity to our service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs.

Reports to: Compass Rose Academy Program Director

Job Summary: The residential staff is the backbone and blessing of Compass Rose Academy. It is through these life-on-life relationships that residential staff are able to communicate wisdom, directives, hope, and encouragement to the young people that live at Compass Rose Academy. The relationship formed between residential staff and residents provides a bridge of communication that supports, sustains, and brings effectiveness to the counseling arena and program activities. This relationship further creates an atmosphere of love and acceptance of a child that is longing to work through difficult circumstances in hopes of returning home as soon as possible. We ask that each residential direct care staff pour their life into our kids, working with and through difficult situations, giving them a taste of the character of God, and giving them a part of your life. It is our desire that each young person will be given a new hope, new direction, and a new start in life, as a result of the quality, professionalism, and personal relationships, demonstrated by each residential staff. This position also provides assistance and support in ensuring the mission of the organization is carried out; understands primary duties and responsibilities cited below which provide a framework but may not be inclusive of appropriate activities required of this position for efficient functioning of the organization.

Basic Responsibilities

Supervision of Residents

• Responsible for supervising residents in a residential setting, this includes but is not limited to the following: direct supervision of kids (know where they are at all times), ensure their health, safety, care, and well being.
• Adheres to State Standards and Compass Rose Academy Policy guidelines in the area of supervision
• Ensures that staff/child ratio is always at 1:6


• Works to reach the goals of seeing effective spirit of ministry to residents, appropriate and constant communication with house director, deepening relationships within and among the other residents, and dignity, support, and encouragement to all employees and residents. Will offer respect to each resident, and participates in developing an arena of respect among the residents.
• Adheres to guidelines received in training and outlined in Compass Rose Academy Policy in regards to the consistency of operation in the houses (pharmaceuticals, discipline, cleanliness, menus, reporting, state standards, etc.)
• Follow weekly schedule.
• Has received and knows cottage rules, adheres, and enforces them with residents.
• Works as a team player: Provides co-staff with clear, articulate communication over recent events with kids, voices concerns, and takes initiative with input and directives.
• Oversees and participates in work projects each week, ensuring the completion of them and the safety of the residents.
• Follows the weekly menu and purchases the accompanying shopping list.
• Insures that the house is functioning at the standard set by Compass Rose Academy chore list for residents which insures all required duties and functions are being accomplished on a daily basis; checking chores, picking up kids from school, getting kids to programs on time, meals, purchasing kids needs, house needs, operation of house alarm; provides appropriate support, education, and assistance for residents to facilitate individual success and positive group outcomes.
• Understands that both they and the residents they supervise may be assigned tasks [e.g. cooking, cleaning, moving tables/chairs, etc.] in conjunction with retreats.
• Maintains a level of cleanliness consistent with Compass Rose Academy standards in the house, outside the house, and in their personal rooms.
• Participates in all programmed events and leads different programmed activities as appointed by Program Director.


• Participate, direct daily and weekly recreation activities as programmed. Our program is designed around a high level of daily activity that promotes healthy living and a relational environment. We see recreation as a therapeutic component of our program where students and staff build relationships, learn teamwork, build self confidence, and teach discipline.
• Staff will participate and direct students in activities such as but not limited to: running, swimming, biking, canoeing, ropes courses, horseback riding, boating, camping, weight lifting, varying aerobic activities, yoga, basketball, softball, volleyball, Frisbee golf etc.


• Responsible for obtaining and forwarding all receipts required for appropriate fiscal management to the program Director within 24 hours of activity or service; each receipt must have who/what it was for clearly marked on it when turned in (receipts for resident expenses – such as personal needs, health care expenditures; receipts for house expenditures – group activities, equipment/vehicle supplies or repairs; petty cash expenditures).
• Initiates a daily Evening Update on each resident in program assigned to; this is a communication tool to communicate to counseling/leadership staff issues resident’s are dealing with on a daily basis, how resident’s are spending their time, progress [or lack thereof] resident’s are making toward achieving goals, or any issue regarding the residential program the staff would like feedback or input on; this report is completed at end of shift each night.
• Utilizes a Parent Communication Report to document any remarkable conversation with a parent; this report is forwarded to the resident’s therapist.
• Provides the treatment team and resident’s primary therapist with resident information appropriate for development of Plan of Service and Reviews; reads and signs same for each resident directly involved with each time same is initiated or updated
• Responsible for orienting new resident’s to the facility and the Compass Rose Academy residential living and the program as a whole.
• Assists the treatment team in development of appropriate work projects residents may be assigned as a part of the discipline process; assists as appropriate in oversight of work projects.
• Meets with the treatment team and residents weekly to explore house issues and concerns that have either been identified by residents or staff; documents appropriately regarding same.

Skill, Supervision, Knowledge, and Ability

Necessary Qualifications

• A personal relationship with the Lord that is displayed in word, deed, and action, and is evident in day to day dealings with residents, staff, parents, and co-workers.
• This person will possess knowledge and skills in ministry and interaction with adolescents and their families.
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of Compass Rose Academy policies regarding resident discipline, education, safety, and medical issues, all requirements and responsibilities as detailed in the Policy and Procedure Manual regarding Residential living.
• Possess a sound working knowledge of Compass Rose Academy Statement of Confidentiality and strictly adheres to guidelines congruent with same as well as applicable law.
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of Compass Rose Academy policies regarding safety issues and emergency procedures and implements appropriately when needed.
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of Compass Rose Academy Education Policy and implements it appropriately; may be assigned by the Academic Director to serve as an academic monitor for residents of the program. This person is a liaison position between the resident, academic coordinator, and teachers.
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of maintenance requirements of the cottage they are assigned to; performs maintenance in accordance with same and documents accomplishments of tasks in log book.
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of Compass Rose Academy Medical Policy and implements same appropriately; uses reasonable judgment when an injury is sustained by a resident or fellow staff member or a medical emergency occurs – with a goal of erroring on the side of caution if need be, realizing that it is better to have a medical evaluation done on perhaps a minor injury than to miss a problem that requires timely intervention.
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of the purpose of Compass Rose Academy Program: Programmed events, activities, and themes (Process Group, Devotions, Didactics, Growth Model, Grace and Truth, Volunteerism, Spiritual Life Group, Parent Weekend).
• Possesses a sound working knowledge of the purpose of Compass Rose Academy philosophy and mission statement.

Necessary Skills

• Maintains a courteous, Christian attitude in dealing with others within the context of Compass Rose Academy, as well as the general public; presents self in a manner consistent with moral issues outlined in Compass Rose Academy policy regarding same; represents the organization in a manner consistent with its mission and philosophy.
• This person must have demonstrated abilities in relating well with others in a group setting (i.e. organized group activities such as school/church associated clubs, organizations, or sports teams, etc.) and must possess good organizational skills. This person must possess a working knowledge of organizational dynamics and team player concepts. Additionally, this person must possess good communication skills, verbal, and written.
• Time management and conflict resolution skills.
• Organizational skills in handling office management and day-to-day scheduling of work priorities and activities.

Physical Demands of Position

• Must be able to be on feet for extended periods of time, do significant walking, and actively supervise cottage recreation.
• Able to perform routine cottage maintenance and cleaning, planting flowers, painting, scrubbing floors, etc.
• Apply the MindSet physical restraint techniques for residents who are in crisis (expected to meet the requirements of MindSet physical restraints).
• Must have energy and stamina to work from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on a regular basis.

Working Conditions
• Houseparents may be required to live on campus.
• Houseparents are on a 16 hour day rotation.
• Flexibility in taking days off may be necessary in order to maintain balance across work and life functions.
• Will work holidays as scheduled.

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